Saturday, March 7, 2009

TC Hamish Category 4

King tides and storm surge will cause sea rises up to two metres which will cause a problem with rain already falling.


Skeeter said...

The classic ominous calm here this morning — blue skies and no wind.
Hamish intensified to Cat 5 (the highest category) last night.
That means winds up to 300 km/hr (187 mph) near the centre.
According to Ch 9, the last time a bad one got as far south as Brisbane was 1974. Another bad one made it as far south as Coolangatta in 1954.
Hamish might sneak up on a few people in SEQ. Because it's Sunday and most of the MSM is having a well-earned rest, there is little coverage on the teev. Ch 7 gave it a brief mention but didn't even show its position on the weather map.

kae said...

Hi Skeeter
I've posted a more recent bit of info about TC Hamish.

It looks like it's going to be a bad one... travelling along the coast gaining strength.