Sunday, March 29, 2009

Two movies I might want to see!

Knowing and Bottle Shock. Knowing was filmed almost entirely in Melbourne.

Pixie and Fungus have just reviewed these two movies.

Knowing looks like it has brilliant special effects.

Bottle Shock has Alan Rickman.


Skeeter said...

Some of the comments at the Knowing review are more interesting than the trailer. F'rinstance, this one by Rollo, (who is apparently not convinced about the reality of 911):
The Plane Crash Sequence was Spectacular...much more convincing than the supposed real planes crashing into the towers on 911.
It seems these days that the more terror and disaster you can get into a movie, the more likely it is to succeed. I prefer to be entertained and have no desire to spend two hours in a dark room being terrified.

kc said...

Ditto that, Skeeter.

And for those who MIGHT mix things up, it was not MY pixie who reviewed this, she has a preference for Mickey's Hot Dog Song and a good baseball game.

kae said...

Hi Skeeter and kc

My problem is that I don't find any movies "scary" or "terrifying". I saw The Exorcist when I was 14 and by far the scariest part of that was the mum walking up the stairs at the start to see what was making the noise - the bed banging up and down. I waited all through that movie to be scared. In vain.
More recently I found Saw I was pretty horrible. And Jeepers Creepers was scary, dunno why, just kept telling those stupid kids not to go down that pipe...

I think I'd like this movie because the special effects look great. I don't think I'll be scared.

I'm a horror and sf fan from way back, but have found that horror and sf lost it's shine many years ago because it ended up pretty much the same story every time. Gimme something new and I'll be interested, give me something like Farscape, Babylon 5 and so on and I'll follow it. I liked Stargate when it first started, but the whole programme just became all the same after the first two series. Always fighting the same Egyptian-based Pharonic baddie aliens.

Anonymous said...

Remember Blake's Seven Kae

kae said...

I must admit I didn't watch Blake's Seven!
I do own Babylon 5 and Farscape. I'm also collecting The Shield. There's another one I've been told is good, I'll have to look for it. The Hunter? It's like The Shield, only darker!

Egg said...

"Knowing was filmed almost entirely in Melbourne."

Speaking of time capsules ... ;)'

kae said...

Eggcellent, Egg, Eggcellent!