Friday, March 20, 2009

What were they thinking? Nannying going too far

You know the half time oranges that sports playing kids enjoyed? Maybe you remember them yourself?

Well, they've been banned. Apparently they're too acidic and the governing body, Netball Queensland, has sanctioned a ban on half time oranges to save the kiddies teeth.

A JUICY stoush is brewing between Netball Queensland and citrus growers over the banning of oranges at games because of potential damage to teeth.

The umbrella body for 82 netball associations has sanctioned the ban based on the high acid levels of oranges and the potential damage to children's teeth.
It's crazy.

I don't see any sporting bodies banning all the "energy" drinks promoted by sports people... they are full of acid and sugar and no good at all for kid's teeth, and they're probably drunk more often than the weekly half orange.


Boy on a bike said...

Frickin' lunacy run amok.

Anonymous said...

tinking the irish way here, what if all players bring their own oranges?

can they eat them then?

Egg said...

As ridiculous as the rarity of fatality of (peanut,etc.) anaphylaxis ...