Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Will those who distort history be confronted?

I wonder whether those extolling the "black armband" opinion (for that's what it is) of history, who compare what happened a long time ago with the values and mores of today's society will be called on their rewriting of history?

A pretender in the US has been called out and now faces court, trying to litigate against those who exposed him as a plagiarist and liar.

R.G. Robertson, author of Rotting Face: Smallpox and the American Indian, said he was glad that Churchill’s supporters did not sway the regents.

“I’m glad that scholarship, or the ideal of scholarship, won out over somebody’s weird view of political correctness,” he said. “I’m happy that it happened, that he’s been found out, and, by his peers — meaning other university people — and been called what he is, a plagiarizer and a liar.”

Robertson’s book was among those cited by investigators as having been mischaracterized by Churchill.

“Facts are facts and truth is truth, and when you’re dealing with history I think it doesn’t need to be distorted by people with a warped political objective,” Robertson said.

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Caz said...

Chutch is a piece of work Kae, a low life arse who has spent decades honing and venting his anti-whites, anti-democracy, anti-capitalism stance, all under the guise of being a native American. Even his identity is plagiarized. But, pretending to be a native American gets you tenure, and without the usual qualifications.

He's the one who wrote an essay "Chickens coming home to roost" (or something like that) after the World Trade Center came down, in which he asserted that they had it coming, comparing the people working in the building with the worst of the Nazi SS.

Among many other examples, he plagiarized the sound academic work of others to "prove" that the US Army deliberately spread smallpox among Indians in order to kill them. (They used infected blankets!)

He also has a history of violence toward women.

And he is ugly, with really bad teeth.

Etc, etc.

Drunkablog has followed this for years, and as he lives in Denver, with the court house handily nearby, he is covering Ward's trial (day one post is already up), in which Ward is suing the Colorado Universtiy for firing him from his tenured position.

Ward has a posse of students and other scum who vigorously support his assertion that he was fired for "speaking truth to power". Poor bubby believes his freedom of speech has been violated.

Will in happen here?


We have no first amendment, for starters.