Sunday, April 5, 2009

60 Minutes tonight 5/4/09

Segment 1: Wake Up Call. Mobile phones give you brain cancer. I thought they'd proved this to be untrue. How interesting. out of 20 minutes, 15 was given to people who seriously believe that the EMFs from mobile phones give you brain cancer. About 5 was given to one EMF specialist who said that the EMF caused the brain to heat up to about 0.1C, he said that to make changes which might cause damage to the brain like cancer, it would have to heat to 1C or more.

Segment 2: The commie gardener from ABC told us that it's great to grow your own vegies.

Backyard Revolution. Grow your own vegies... it's healthier, it's tastier... it's organic! You know where it's come from. Some of this is just tripe. The crap sold in supermarkets these days is bred for shelf life and how long it looks good. If you grow your own vegetables you can grow the old-fashioned types that were bred for flavour.

A good piece about kids in schools learning about growing and preparing vegies. Then back to the organic, healthy, flavour, blah, blah, blah crap.

Then the commie gardener telling us that this is how people in the 50s used to live. It's great!

Um, Peter... in the 50s there was time for gardening for sustenance, a lot of women didn't work and they kept the garden maintained. They also spend a lot of their lives at the copper, washing clothes, and cooking everything from scratch.

I recall people bleating about the idea that John Howard wanted us to return to the 50s. God save us!

Segment 3: Wonder Boy. Terry Vo - the youngster who had both hands and a foot amputed when a brick wall collapsed on him. A great, feel-good story - but sheesh, the kid has to be positive, he's LIVING life after the accident. And he is doing exceptionally well!

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