Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ABC Lateline - Ian Plimer demolishes AGW and Snow Cone Tone

Here's the link to the preamble, click on 'Professor says no threat from global warming' (04:33) in the video links. Oh dear, but in the first part they connect him to "Big Mining".

Click on 'Ian Plimer discusses his book denying global warming' (18:03) for the interview with Tone.

Just beautiful.

Tone is really, er, superior to the interviewees he disagrees with, isn't he! Perhaps supercilious (emphasis on the silly bit).

Thanks Habib, at Tim Blair's


Wand said...

It was a joy to see. Tone was intent on trying to discredit Pilmer but he did not succeed. LOL!

Funny too that I happened to catch it last night because usually I don't watch Lateline.

I made a comment over at Tim Blair's too but it takes time with the moderators. Sigh. Still it looks like I'll be buying Pilmer's book to add to the collection.
Green Hell and Climate of Extremes.

Anonymous said...

Hi kae,
I haven't had the time to see it yet, but over at J Marohassy's blog the warmenistas claiming that Jones demolished Plimer.


Anonymous said...

Actors can be taught to control the nervy lip twitches but they can't hide the nervous sweat. That was a big giveaway for poor old snow cone. Plimer dumped on him well and proper. More please and soon.

daddy dave said...

I don't think Tone's that bad. He gives a lot of airtime to skeptics. he was the guy, for example, who presented the Great Global Warming Swindle. Yeah, okay, once they're on he gets real tough on them... but their voice is still heard, and I think it's a necessary part of the politics given he's at the ABC.