Thursday, April 2, 2009

ABC Q&A 2/04/09 - Gee - 20!

Q&A Link

Tonight's panellists
Tanya Plibersek - Minister for Housing and Status of Women
George Brandis - Shadow Attorney General
Satyajit Das - Economist - accurately predicted ten of the last three recessions (he said it!)
Dennis Altman - Writer and Academic
Rachel Fry - National President of the Young Liberals

I may not be staying up to watch it... I'm zonked!

Fitzgibbon's the subject of the first question. Asking for the PM to force Fitzgibbon to resign, or sack him. Brandis agrees.

Aw gee, Joel's under pressure, he's got a big job ahead of him. Tanya Plibersek defended him. When asked what an ALP member had to do to be sacked I think murder was the reason given... Not sure, I was in the kitchen - but the most amazing thing about that question is that TONY asked it!!!!

Altman, writer and academic. Gee. He's been to the David Marr school of articulation and parsing, and followed it up with the Artiste's school of gesticulation and body language.

I think, looking at Plibersek, she has a headache or a migraine. Maybe that's why she was a bit alzheimic at the start of the evening. (Or is she always like that?)


Anonymous said...

Ms Fry needs to lose quickly her born to rule appearance and manner. She also needs to articulate her views quickly and effectively. Sad if she is the future of the Liberals. Mehaul.

kae said...

Hiya Mehaul, how goes it?

Yeah, she waffles.

Anonymous said...

It goes well Kae. Plibersek's mental clout also looked a bit 2nd rate next to Brandis. She and Ms Kate Ellis the previous week, appeared to be useless unless talking about their own back yard. The Asian boy who asked Plibersek about China's connections to terrorism was on the money. She called his accusation the most 'something' in all her years to which he responded with several excellent examples of his point. Even Tony Jones had to jump in to make the same point. And she's on the front bench. Mehaul.

kae said...

I still reckon Plibersek had a migraine or something.

There were some good questions asked, and quite a bit of wriggling from the ALP/lefties.

Save the planet or save the economy was a beauty. That economist is a lefty/canberra economist, I wonder if he wants to get into politics?

There seemed to be about a third of the audience who weren't simpering ALP fan club members!