Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I won't be travelling this road for much longer.

I will miss the sunrises, some of them beautiful, some eerie.

I certainly won't miss leaving home at 5:30am in the winter, and getting home at 5:30pm, or later, in the evening.
I guess I should make the most of the next few days that I see the sunrises. I'll see what the dawn brings and share the pretty ones with you. (I truly won't miss getting up before the crack of sparrow! I always was a night person, sitting up late to squeeze the most out of the day!)

My job is changing, I will be working closer to home for the next ten months, then I'm not sure what I'll be doing. My position is being made redundant, and parts of the job,which was cobbled together of snips and snails and puppy-dogs'-tails (the duties that strike fear into the hearts of Academic Administration Officers), will be shared amongst admin staff who look after those disciplines. Timetabling to academic admin, biblio to a new position looking after research, and the annual report and internal news bulletin to marketing. It's a wrench, but working in a large organisation there will be an opportunity for redeployment, and after that an offer of a redundancy package (an excellent outcome would be a good job outside the organisation AND a package, but I doubt that will happen). There are more jobs opening up out my way in early 2010, so I should be fine.

I've just received information about a job at the FBI...

The FBI had an opening for an assassin.

After all the background checks, interviews and testing were done, there were 3 finalists; Two men and a woman.

For the final test, the FBI agents took one of the men to a large metal door and handed him a gun.

'We must know that you will follow your instructions no matter what the circumstances.

Inside the room you will find your wife sitting in a chair .. . . Kill her!!'

The man said, 'You can't be serious. I could never shoot my wife.'

The agent said, 'Then you're not the right man for this job. Take your wife and go home.'

The second man was given the same instructions. He took the gun and went into the room. All was quiet for a bout 5 minutes.

The man came out with tears in his eyes, 'I tried, but I can't kill my wife.' The agent said, 'You don't have what it takes. Take your wife and go home.'

Finally, it was the woman's turn. She was given the same instructions, to kill her husband. She took the gun and went into the room. Shots were heard, one after
another. They heard screaming, crashing, banging on the walls. After a few minutes, all was quiet. The door opened slowly and there stood the woman, wiping the sweat from her brow.

'This gun is loaded with blanks' she said. 'I had to beat him to death with the chair.'


Women are crazy. Don't mess with them


Mehaul said...

Enjoy the last few morning drives. All the best for the future. You'll be fine...there's always a need for good people.

kae said...

Hi Mehaul, thanks.

Heyyyy! I'm still going to be here!

Boy on a bike said...

I miss riding into work at dawn - I saw some beautiful sunrises. On the other hand, many of them were also bloody freezing!

I took the package and have gone through a succession of contracts that were much more interesting (and better paid) than the old job. There is only one group of people that baulks at a good redundancy package - the totally INSANE. Grasp it with both hands and don't let them try and take it away from you.

kae said...

Hi Boy
One package in a lifetime is enough. I don't think that the package is that good. It's only 2 weeks per year (almost 12 years I think, though I've been here on and off since 1993, mostly on contracts and interspersed with work outside the organisation between contracts).
Pay outside the organisation in Qld is pretty ordinary.

kae said...

Oh, sorry. The one package was in 1992 in Melbourne from Telstra.
It included super in those days. It got me most of the house.

Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said...


Sorry to hear about the news - its always a bit of a shock to the system when news of "restructuring" etc. comes down. I hope you find something well paying close to home soon.

daddy dave said...

awesome photos, funny joke.
I'm sure you'll take whatever the future brings in your stride.