Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm too old to have a puppy


He took off when I untied him, the lead slipped through my fingers (burning them), I had to let go of the loop of the leash, too. He took off and somehow I went down on my knee like a bag of spuds. Other knee from last time, and not quite so hard hitting on it. But I just gave up and said "oww. Owww. OWWWWW."

He came back!

He sat on me.

He sat beside me. He wanted to be near me.

He wanted to snuggle, seeing as I was already on the ground.

I'll have to remember that.

Poor little guy isn't going to be happy on Wed. arvo. He has his little op on Wednesday morning.

I have a deadline at work on 17th, but the only time I can organise to be at home longer than the weekend is over Easter - and Wed was the first day I could book him in to the vet's. He loves people, so he loves going to the vet.

That might change the day after tomorrow.

I'm kinda dreading it. When I had my first dog desexed he was cryptorchid and the vet couldn 't find No. 2. The dog, 48, was zonked for over 48 hours when I took him home, he'd been anaesthetised for so long. This will be only my second dog desexed at a vet clinic where I really don't know the vet.

The other three dogs, Bundy, Katie and Meggie have all been desexed by a friend who is a vet and he uses a different type of anaesthetic which doesn't knock them out for so long. They recover very quickly and they don't seem to have too many problems (Bundy was out in the yard that night and fine!). With 48 he ended up with infected wounds, probably because he was so zonked and licked them all the time. All the others were fine, no problems, no bucket collars, nothing. Great. Easy. (Hardest part for me was taking out the stitches in Meggie's wound... scared I was going to cut her with the scalpel blade so I ended up getting a friend to hold her down after giving her a couple of prescribed sedative tablets - Meggie was never used to being patted or cuddled or held. Funny little girl. Floyd is soo different! More like Katie, who was sooo affectionate.)


Bundy and Meg

Bundy, 48 and Katie. (1994, it was very dry that year! The dogyard fence was all shiny and new, too.)


Skeeter said...

Hope your knee gets better soon.
It's probably worth giving the pup some counselling on the morning of the op. Tell him it won't hurt and his whole life will change for the better. That worked when my daughter's boyfriend gave such advice to her dog on the way to the vet's. He was a much calmer dog after that little talk.

kae said...

I'll tell him that, but I don't think he believes me. I tell him that I have to go to work in the morning and he gets upset a bit, but he's soooo glad when I get home.
I tell him that it's Saturday tomorrow and I want to sleep in, but he wakes me up at 5:45 'cos he's bored.

But he's just so much fun and so adorable!

RebeccaH said...

He snuggled up to you because he thought you were hurt when you fell. Dogs always know. They aren't called man's (and woman's) best friend for nothing.

Dogs naturally lick their wounds. There's an enzyme in their saliva to contributes to healing (of dogs, not necessarily humans). Infection means they've gotten dirt in the wound.