Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mice Innocent!

Just had the friend look at my TV/aerial problem.

ROFL, wait until you hear what it was...

Electrician friend said, "I'll check the aerial on the roof first before I get into the ceiling...." The ladder was under the manhole and I explained that there was a light in the roof... what an excellent idea! He decided to check everything in the roof first...

Wires all fine. Everything OK. A few dead rodents, lots of uneaten throw packs... No. No problem with any of the wires in the ceiling.


Up on the roof to the middle where there is a gable that the main TV aerial is attached to. I looked up and could immediately see what had happened.

The little box for the two way splitter amplifier was hanging down (no wonder I couldn't see the little red light!)... the cable tie had given way and the box has filled up with water. OK until it rained!

It's stuffed, good and proper!

Bloody cable ties, they just don't make them like they used to, huh?!

My friend's going to try and get me a new one and fix it tomorrow or during the week, and let me know how much the splitter/amplifier is. I can just transfer the money into his account.

Yahoo! It can be done when I'm not home, too.

Wheeeee. Might even see 4 Corners on Monday nite...


Anonymous said...

I still blame the mice. Mice are never innocent - just look at their beady eyes......oops that was kevvy on tv


Carpe Jugulum

kae said...

Krudd, the beige mouse.

Works for me.