Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nothing blew up today!

Two days of nothing blowing up. Amazing. (I think the Kae home whitegoods failures were probably caused by AGW.)

Today I heard about my secondment.

It's all good. I start there on May 21st. Finish on March 15.

I may not have a job when I go back to the "old job", but hey... who cares, right? It's a challenge and an adventure. I won't be "out of work", I'll be redeployed if necessary, the beauty of working within a large organisation. A very large organisation. Unlike Telecom, where your job could be abolished and you'd have to reapply for it, it can't happen where I am now.

I'll write more later.


Anonymous said...

"Nothing blew up today!
Two days of nothing blowing up"

Or you are just running out of white goods to fail?
Either way I keep fingers crossed for you.

kc said...

My line after I quit drinking - and then quit smoking 10 months later - was "I haven't blown anything up, burned anything down, or murdered anyone, so it's all good for today!"