Thursday, April 30, 2009

Q&A ABC 30/4/09

Oh dear.

Tonight's panellists
Peter Garrett - Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts
Barnaby Joyce - National Party Senate leader
Pru Goward - former journalist now Liberal state MP
Wesley Enoch - playwright and director
Sarah Hanson-Young - Greens Senator

I just can't watch it. Linky.

a) too tired

b) it's too crapulent...

Barney Joyce is all for the Pandemic Pandemonium Panic.

The Greens bird did praise Howard's management of Aus that we are in a position to be able to help our less fortunate neighbours with the PPP.

Lord, Garrett dribbles crap. Ernestly.

Goward is annoying. Oh wait, I don't think she believes in AGW.

Wha... where am I.... I think I just fainted. Garrett just said he agreed with the intervention, and Wesley Enoch (?), the Aboriginal rep on the programme, also said he agreed with the intervention to save the children but wasn't sure that sending in the Army to intervene, instead of doctors, nurses and other carers. Perhaps Garrett is miscast as environment minister?

Pru said it's not an aboriginal problem, it should happen everywhere children are in danger.

Garrett argues that AGW is real. Barney says crap. This is worth a listen tomorrow (or when it appears on the web) - or read the transcript. One to Barney, none to Garrett.

OMG! Barney goes for the Greenie Girl... (paraphrased) "Coalminers want to keep the jobs they have and the jobs they know... they can't be reemployed making photovoltaic cells and windchimes at Nimbin."

Garrett interrupted the argument with GG, and Barney bit him back saying "I'm doing what the Labor party should be doing, looking after the coalminers!"

Oh, it was beautiful. Almost at the end of the programme.. about ten minutes before time out was called by Snowy.

CRIKEY! The mash-up is a rubbishing of KRudd!

Hiya, Sharpie!


Anonymous said...

I have to watch that kea, I turned off a bit earlier than you did.


Mehaul said...

I hadn't heard of Wesley Enoch before last night and I hope I never hear of him again. His classic for the night 'Australians can sense that we owe the environment. Australians have that sense. They know when we are taking more than we are giving'. Or idiocy to that effect. Where and when do these gits get off the train and go back to the obscurity they deserve.