Monday, April 13, 2009

South Australia bans plastic bags from May 2009

Madonna King the morning presenter on ABC Local 612 Brisbane was talking thismorning about SA's banning of plastic shopping bags.

Madonna interviewed the South Australian Environment Minister, Jay Weatherill, and he banged on about litter and how little the thin checkout bags are recycled and how so many of them become landfill. It was utter rot. He also said that the use of the 'green bags' was encouraged by banning the thin checkout bags. Madonna pointed out that only 0.8% of the bags became a litter problem and with this type of information he just started spouting that the litter problem was a combination of a lot of different types of litter. I didn't hear Madonna point out that the envirobags are not degradable at all, although she did point out that the plastic bags are made at a miniscule cost compared to the 'green' bags.

I can't see the interview on the site yet, but I hope it goes up, it was so pathetic.


Anonymous said...

Where else but South Australia. This is pollies keeping their bureaucracies in work going forward. And 99% of South Australians being govt employed will just nod and go on thinking how cool they are. Mehaul

Skeeter said...

ABC News Radio today gave a lot of airtime to a SA Democrat (I thought they were extinct).
He claimed that all Adelaide's drinking-water shortages can be solved by banning the building of any new swimming pools and spas in Adelaide.
So that's where the Murray has been disappearing to. Who woulda thunk it?

Stevo said...

hello skeeter ... banning plastic bags probably cuts down the incidence of erotic asphyxiation ...