Monday, April 20, 2009


Bloody hell.

My microwave just died.

I defrosted my steak, cooked it, and then decided I'd nuke my cold cup of tea...

Nope. Not tonight.

My newly acquired credit card is taking a caning!

I'll phone the local electrical goods place tomorrow and see if they can deliver a new one to my place tomorrow.


Mr. Bingley said...

Oh no!

Doing your part to revive the global economy, I see...

kae said...

Not quite what I said, Mr Bingley.

And I started my stimulus in October last year when I ordered a new fridge.

Then continued it in February when I purchased a new plasma TV, video camera and Navman.

The dishwasher sprung a leak in about, oh, January. I got a seal for it (finally) about four weeks ago. A friend installed it for me (bottom of the door gasket), and the thing still gushed water when it was filling, but not when it was washing. I gave up. Looked around for a new one in January but they don't make the mobile kits any more, and the dishwashers aren't made to fit the wheels and back, etc, any more. Arrgh!

Just before Easter a friend emailed me that she knew someone with a dishwasher for sale, all mobilised and ready to go. I phoned right away and I got the new/old dishwasher on Saturday. Hurrah! It's great. I drink tea and some of my mugs are tea stained... the dishwasher cleaned them completely.

Pedro the Ignorant said...

My Panasonic microwave is 22 years old, and the formerly white plastic is a dingy yellow colour, but it still works well.
Having said that, no doubt it will blow up in the next week or so.

kae said...

You do realise, Pedro, that you've put the mockers on your microwave!

The microwave, a Panasonic, was only purchased in 2004.

Dishwasher was purchased in 1995.

TV purchased in 1996 (it cost the ex the earth, too!).

The fridge was purchased in 1990.

You know the front loader washing machine, a Hoover, I bought in 1988 is still going. It's had a new something installed by my brother, but it's still working. Since I moved out here in 1993 I've had three washing machines including that one.

I also had Nanna's Rank Arena TV, and it's still going. I inherited it in 1988, heaven only knows how long Nanna had it for! (It's a portable CRTV which could be used as a sea anchor if it ever stopped working!) I also have her old silver pop-up Sunbeam toaster. It still works, too.

Boy on a bike said...

I blew up our microwave last year. Then the fridge went. The washing machine gave up the ghost last month. The dryer is on its last legs.

This modern stuff is all tinfoil and plastic. Mum and Dad's beer fridge dates from the early 1960's and is still going strong. It's one of those lovely rounded at the top models. I think it is older than I am.

Anonymous said...

Not to get into a knife fight Pedro, but our Panasonic Micro is so old, that I honestly believe it is the one signed by Mr. Panasonic.

I can't even find the damn thing after a fair amount of time on Google.

Encased in a fine looking faux wood outer shell, it has two dials, one a timer that goes from one minute to 30 minutes.

The second dial goes from warm to high.

Two bars are at the bottom. One says "start", the other "push to open".

The BEAST works fine.

RebeccaH said...

RebeccaH is sitting here using her fingers to make the sign of the cross at you all.

kae said...

Thanks RebeecaH, but I think it's too late for me! (Well, my whitegoods, anyway.)

I must explain, the washing machine was given away when we (we being the ex and I), moved here so that we could buy a front loader as we were on tank water. I'm still on tank water, but it is reticulated.

El Cid, maate, that's a family heirloom! Like nanna's Rank Arena TV I inherited.

I really don't think things are made to last these days.

Mum had a fridge for over 21 years, a Westinghouse... she bought it when I was born and it had one freezer replacement before it finally was unrepairable (or not worth repairing) in 1979, my 21st!

kae said...

Oh, and Boy, the whitegoods conspire to all die around the same time.

Anonymous said...

El Cid, maate, that's a family heirloom! Like nanna's Rank Arena TV I inherited.Yeah, been thinkin' about puttin' the thing on E-Bay...LOL.

WV...ready? miast..Phoneticize it, surely you'll get it.

Skeeter said...

Just to help you feel better, these are the things that have gone wrong for me in the last 5 days:

Dishwasher is leaving an opaque grey deposit on everything.
Transmission failed on ride-on mower, repair bill $996.
Chain-saw refuses to make a straight cut and curves through 90° in 6 inches.
Repaired mower won't start because battery terminals finger-tight and going open circuit.
Repaired mower's transmission drive belt incorrectly assembled and flies off the pulleys every 20 minutes or so.
Pulley rattles loudly due to finger-tight retaining nut.
Fugitive drive belt has damaged a plastic transmission cooling fan which will have to be replaced.
Severely scuffed a 19" alloy wheel on my carbonator when I hit a hidden kerb in an underground carpark.
Marine toilet blocked while I was using it — contents overflowed onto the floor.
Mrs Skeeter's computer crashed to a black screen while she was out of the room — had to reboot from a CD and re-install Windows.
Centrelink has "given" me somebody else's $300k asset and halved my pension payment.
The repaired mower transmission has failed again and the mower had to be towed to the shed.
I forgot to put out the wheely-bins.
A cow has been getting through the fence every night, carving up the lawns with hoof marks and dropping huge brown things all over the place.
White cockatoos have stripped the lemon tree.
Fruit bats have started on a bunch of bananas that is nearly ready for harvest.

Could be worse — the microwave is working fine.

Skeeter said...

Oh, I forgot two more problems:

The hard disk in the TV video recorder failed.

The battery-failure light in my UPS is blinking at me.

kae said...

Wanna borrow my ride-on?

I was wondering where you'd gone!

Regards to Mrs S.

I hate fruit bats.