Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ban on artificial food colouring supported by parents


When I was a kid my mum just said "No.", and that was the end of it.

No fizzy drinks, unless it was Christmas, or birthdays, or we'd had visitors who had left it behind.

Not a lot of lollies, either.

She. Just. Said. No.

(can't find a link, I just heard it on a news update... I missed the news - boo hoo)


Boy on a bike said...

"No" still works, most of the time. The only fizzy drink we have in the house is Coke, and that comes in small bottles from time to time and is for me and me alone. I use it to perk up after a tough ride. We certainly don't have it in the fridge as a matter of course. If the kids want a drink, there is a thing called a tap over the sink, and plenty of milk in the fridge.

We have no lollies, no chocolate, and the occasional bag of chips or twisties. J eats more twisties than the kids.

Ice cream - they can eat that until their guts explode, and since I buy top quality stuff, they don't want to eat much at all. It's funny that the cheaper the ice cream, the more of it you want to eat.

We are definitely living in the Age of Wimp.

Skeeter said...

BoaB, great to hear that there are still kids being brought up proper.
Our son has given us our only two grandkids late in life and his young wife believes 2-year-olds should be treated as small adults.
Meal-times are unpleasant periods of intense negotiation about what will be eaten.
When the kids stay with us, grandparents' rules prevail. We determine what will be served at the meal. No negotiation.
Anything the kids refuse to eat goes straight into the dog's dish and no replacement is offered.
One thing a two-year-old will not do is starve himself to death if there something to eat on his plate.

Kathy Farrelly said...

Unfortunately it is not that simple.Food colourings, additives and preservatives are found in a wide variety of foods. Jelly, cornflakes, some breads, etc.
Many kids with ADHD have adverse effects, so parents must always be monitoring what they consume.
My own son who has ADHD is not really into sweet stuff.( We do not have sugary carbonated drinks, nor fruit juice in our household anyway.)However, he did go through a period when he wanted icecream.
We ended up getting "Peters" colour free, preservative free icecream because the hyperactivity increased
on the other icecream which had artificial colouring in it.
The good quality icecream is not necessarily any better either, with some such as "Connosseiur" containing the colouring Annatto E160b which has been implicated in cases of asthma, and hyperactivity. It has also been known to cause rashes in some kids.
This colouring is present in many foods, such as cheese spreads, oils, cereals, margarine, pastry, fruit fillings, eg. This colouring is also present in some soaps and textiles.
So, it's just not a case of saying no to lollies and fizzy drinks. It's much more complex than that.

Last year my son's adhd exacerbated. We discovered that the dried apricots that he had ben eating for a few weeks were the cause. The preservative sulfite was sending him loopy.A week after he stopped eating them he was fine.

I think it's a good idea to ban some of these artificial colours.

At the very least a prominent warning label, on the item so parents can make an informed decision.
After all, there may be some parents out there unknowingly giving their kids foods which do contain colourings.

kae said...

A prominent warning label is not required. However, if parents are concerned about artificial colourings and flavourings they should learn to read the labels, they are all supposed to be listed.

My mother, a teacher for over 52 years, has asked why we didn’t have kids with ADHD years ago? It seems so common now.

She’s a teacher and taught for over 52 years. In that time she said that she had one child with ADHD. One.

She said that there were plenty who, she was told, had ADHD, or ADD, by their parents and were on medication for it. She said that most of them were just buggers of children who needed to have their boundaries well defined and reinforced.

Kathy Farrelly said...

Yeah, Kae, my bugger of a kid is autistic. He was diagnosed by the state's top paedatrician, in conjunction with a psychologist and a speech pathologist.
He has a dual diagnosis of autism and adhd. Incidentally, it was my son's teachers and aides at his school who insisted he had adhd. We thought he was naughty and over active. The deputy principal, who by the way has 35 years teaching experience, explained to my husband and I that it was not a case of naughtiness, rather my son seemed unable to concentrate could never sit still and was all over the place. He did in fact meet the relevant criteria for a diagnosis of Adhd.
The school made a comprehensive report and submited it to the paediatrician.My husband and I had to fill out a questionnaire too.
Smacking him did not work. Besides he has a high pain threshhold.
We have tried many things. Locking him in the bedroom for time out.
He rips everything up(clothes included) so has no favourite toy.
With my daughter we would deprive her of certain priviliges if she was naughty. Just doesn't work with my son. We have learnt from behavioural therapy that ignoring the bad behaviour and redirecting to some thing positive, is a better way to go.So, things are improving, but there is a long way to go yet.
I don't dispute what your mother says, however there are genuine cases of children with adhd. My son's is a case in point.
That is why I carefully read the labels on everything I buy. However, sometimes the labels are obscure, or the writing is very small. I can't see a problem with making these things clearer for parents that may not be aware that there are colourings in some foods that they thought were actually okay. Some of these colourings that are allowed in Australia are banned in other countries.

kae said...

Did I specifically mention your kid, Kathy?

I have a friend with a kid diagnosed over twenty years ago with ADHD. He has OCD, but I doubt that he has ADHD. What he needed growing up was uniform discipline instead of being beaten regularly by his stepfather for looking at him sideways. Maybe he'd have been OK without that, too.

My mother has also assisted parents to get help for their children with problems, being a teacher she's aware of what's normal and what's not.

She's also known of children who have been abused at home, perhaps not exactly what's going on, but known that something is not quite right.

A dilemma was when a child was suspected to be infected with herpes. As herpes is an STD, she had to report it to the authorities. There was nothing amiss with that little girl, she just had a cold sore. (This was a long time ago, I'm not sure if the rules/procedures have changed.)

Your kid would be the one in however many were taught over the 50-odd years who had ADHD.

I'm watching Ready Steady Cook, it's a scream today!

kae said...

Oh, and the kid I don't think had ADHD, stayed with me many times when he was little (around 6, 7 and 8), and was no trouble at all, not a problem. He wasn't on medication, either. He knew my boundaries.

Kathy Farrelly said...

Did I specifically mention your kid, Kathy?

No Kae, but the inference was there.

I think though, that we have digressed from the initial point of your post.
A ban on artificial food colourings.
It is not only kids with ADHD that are affected. Some of these colourings can cause eczema, birth defects liver problems and possibly cancer. Amaranth, E 123 is one such colouring.
It is still being used in Australia but is banned in Austria Japan, Norway, Canada, Sweden, and USA(they banned it in 1976 for cancer causing)

Re: Ready Steady Cook.
I wish I had a talented chef to knock out a delectable dish in such quick time. Though the results are usually good, I always end up with a big mess and take a lot longer. But then, I'm easily distracted, lol!

kae said...

No, Kathy, the inference was not there.

kae said...

I'm pleased that you're there to keep me on topic.

Pogria said...

Hey Kae,

one of the commenters here sounds exactly like someone we used to know.

Pogria said...

The croaker.

Remember, no matter what the issue, it's all about themselves.

Also, there's a distinct whiff of bullshit.

Anonymous said...

"Amaranth, E 123 is banned in Austria Japan, Norway, Canada, Sweden, and USA"
No news about people dropping dead or children running amok in the rest of the world.

As to ADHD, I would not deny that it may exist, but if our family experience is anything to go by, the numbers are very much overstated.
My dear sister, has two boys, who were on meds. mostly upon her insistence.

When we had them for a few month, while they were on hols in Europe, they behaved like any other six year olds, and NO meds.

I can't blame her really, she was the only girl of four kids, and the apple of my dad's eye, nothing she ever did could be faulted.
She simply transferred the monkey love to her own offspring.
Kids are not stupid, they take advantage if they can.

Now the boys are in their early twenties and just like everyone else.

Caz said...

That's the problem with anecdotes, they're not science.

Can't even begin to think how food additives and behavioral disadvantages segued into matters of domestic child abuse.

kae said...

The connection between the child abuse and ADD/ADHD is that the child I knew was abused and this probably caused his behavioural problems, he also did not have uniform discipline which would have confused him about what was expected from him.

I also made a connection between teachers seeing signs and being able to assist parents get the right help for their children if the teacher detected a problem.

Anonymous said...

caz said
That's the problem with anecdotes, they're not science.

I don't know what you are referring to here, but anecdotes stem from human experiences, and if you want to test them there is a way.

I think what kae said makes a lot of sense.


Mehaul said...

Hi Pogs. I thought you had gone missing in action.

Minicapt said...

Unfortunately, some people believe their anecdotes are supported by science. And they are ready, at the proverbial hat drop, to inform you of that which they know you need to know.

.. and Mz Farrelly's kid problems could be sorted with a judicial amount of videos of snarling Merlins flying by.


Pogria said...

Hi Mehaul.

Not missing, just laying low.

Hope you and your marmalade ice cream are doing well. ;)

Hi Captain.

You nailed it on the head.

Also came across very much like the over-used, suburban equivalent of Munchausen's by Proxy.

It's not about the "sick", child. It's all about the long suffering mother.

It's also curious how it's always the "top", specialist in their field that gives the diagnosis. Never the second best. heh.

Stay well guys.

Anonymous said...

This is genuinely impressive. Don't recall ever seeing so much red-necked ignorance gathered on a single blog on a single thread. Good to see that the scientific method and the sophistication of modern medical science has by-passed the Antipodes entirely. Someone has to hold out against the global tide of intellectual rationality and human development.

Clearly any child with autism is the product of an imaginative parent and an ambitious doctor who no doubt improves his career by writing articles about invented conditions. The hundreds of millions of dollars spent by the Australian government on this and other Munchausen's by Proxy conditions must be stopped. I suggest that the rednecks here are well placed to lead the charge to stop indulging needy mothers sucking money out of the government. Don't forget to include quadriplegics, another group of attention seeking money-sucking frauds who need a good kick up the arse to get them off their feet.

Most of the clearly exemplary parents on this thread need to get out there and show other dumb parents how to do it right. There's no such thing as "ADD". ADD was invented to cover up domestic child abuse and doctors and scientists have been duped by thousands of manipulative mothers. It happens all the time. Scientists are extremely gullible, education is wasted on them.

I hope you lot will take charge of curing cancer and preventing war. You'd cut the crud and have it sorted with one or two simplistic half-thoughts, all based on "human experience", by around mid-morning tea break.

kae said...

Gee, good original name. Should you post again please identify yourself, at least so that you can be ridiculed for your total lack of comprehension.

Pogria said...

Hey Kae, it's just Kathy come back to give we "ignorant rednecks", a serve because none of us fell for her Munchausen's by Proxy shtick.

Nothing original either. Just the usual "if you don't agree with me, you're all evil/dumb", whatever the current trend dictates. Not forgetting the "laying on of guilt", when all else fails.

They never learn.

sigh.........the quality of trolls is really declining. We used to be able to have great sport with them. Now, the only way they make any headway is because of the sheer catatonia that envelopes us when they start to pontificate. Not even a little foam-flecked spittle by the corner of their mouths to break up the boredom.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you nailed it in one.

However I fear your wisdom is wasted here.

Rednecks, indeed!

The blogmasters comment cracked me up too.

What a cop out.

pax vobiscum.

kae said...

Another anonymous commenter with no comprehension skills.

Anonymous said...

It would appear your lack of fun with trolls is caused entirely by your extremely low brain activity and an inability to present and directly address even the most minor of points in an intelligent and scientifically supportable manner.

I over estimated the age of the commenters, as you all assert much experience in child raising. Incorrectly, I thought you were older than six and a half.

I’m sure you believe you’re popular in the playground, especially as you have at least 3 or 4 name-calling options within your repertoire. I expect you bash up the disabled children after school too, but none of this makes you clever, popular or amusing. Other people despise you, even if they won’t say so to the face of such embarrassingly stupid and deliberately ignorant members of the underclass.

Be a bunch of twittish name-calling little parrots all you like, the more the better. The only people you expose are yourselves, in all your true ugliness.

Anonymous said...

Can't you read?

The name's pax vobiscum.

Don't you like it?

I think it's a much better name than orion.

And Pogria???.. Don't get me started on that one.

Nope, pax vobiscum (my friends call me pax for short)is the bees

BTW, it's never too late to change your name you know, Pogs.


kae said...

Sorry, Pax, hard to tell when it's not written as a proper noun, you know, with a capital first letter. I thought it was a salutation.

Pogria said...

Oh Kae!

You have been anointed by the Great Ones!

"torn between genuflecting or tugging at forelock, decide to do both, as I have two hands, I scuttle backwards, bowing the whole time also, to exit the blog".

We truly are not worthy.

Anonymous said...

That's pax vobiscum to you, blogmaster.

Hmmm, funny, I thought kae was just a quirky way of saying okay, 'cause a capital first letter wasn't used.

Oops my bad.

Just to make it easier for you to comprehend...

pax vobiscum (no capitals)

Pogria said...

Pox Vomitscum

Truly a name for ages.

You are absolutely correct Pox.

A truly brilliant choice of name.

Pox Vomitscum.

Yes, I like it!

Pogria said...

Hey Pox,

you really told us!