Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tribute to Boy on a Bike, Surfmaster et al

Mum just phoned to tell me about this piece in the Tele...

Defence top brass in Lycra

by Claire Harvey, May 10, 2009

DEFENCE force chief Angus Houston has a broken wrist. He fell over while wearing cycling shoes - those ones with special pedal-clips that make the wearer's feet clatter along the pavement - and now has his arm in a sling.

This is dreadful. Not the injury; Houston is so tough he barely noticed the pain and kept cycling for 30km before seeking medical attention. The real problem is the idea of our top defender clopping around like My Little Pony in his special bike shoes every day.

Doesn't Houston have enough problems defending the nation from hostile elements and monitoring his minister's Twitter page without endangering his own safety this way?

The shoes are undignified enough - but they prompt a whole range of other, even more disturbing, questions.
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Minicapt said...

I would suggest that if the CDS is tough enough to cycle 30km with a broken wrist, then it behooves Ms Harvey to express her doubts with exquisite care, when in the presence of the CDS. Lest he offer proof that, in his younger days, he occasionally did track maintenance.


Boy on a bike said...

I am afraid my rant about this will be too long to fit into a single comment. I will go home now and rant at leisure.

But I second Minicapt. If Houston is that tough, he can cycle in a bright pink leotard for all I care.

kc said...

With bells and a cute little hat, too. And I would STILL call him 'Sir!'