Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cheesus in a chip packet

What would "Cheesus" do?

A Preston Hollow couple driving home from Houston was snacking on a bag of Cheetos when Sara Bell had a religious experience.

Click on the link to see a photograph of Cheesus.

(In Australia these snacks are called "Twisties" with the motto "Life's pretty straight without Twisties".


TimT said...

A year or so ago I took a holiday in America and found a type of junk food like this, called 'Cheese Doodles'!

Thank heavens Cheesus wasn't found in a packet of doodles.

kae said...

Oh, that made me LOL TimT! Cheesus Doodle... oh dear.

Now I have to get ready to go to the book launch... and do all the stuff I have to do before I get there.

It is an hour and twenty minutes drive and I have other stuff I have to do on the way (deliver some fresh vegies to my friend, and some Dora the Explorer stuff for her granddaughter).

And I think I'll have a Hungry Jack's burger on the way. They crap all over the golden arches for flavour!

splice said...

That weren’t Cheesus…

Cheesus is not Halal. That there was Chaytan, starin’ up at you and sayin’, “eat me, Infidel.”

Skeeter said...

Never seen a yellow Jesus before.

Funny how we all have a mental picture of what Jesus looks like.
Does anyone know what He looked like in the first pictures of Him?

There is a good variety at Pictures of Jesus, (click on the "His Portraits button" on the left).
My favourite is the one where He looks like Billy Connolly. (Fourth row from the bottom.)

But according to Wiki,
The current dominant opinion among historians and scientists is that he most likely was a Galilean Jew and thus would have features which resemble modern-day persons of Middle Eastern or Semitic descent.In other words, more like a MoMEA than a Billy Connolly.

Wand said...

This reminds me of the Virgin Mary toast sold on ebay story a few years ago.

Whew skeeter with all those pictures of Christ in your link, I half expected to scroll down to my portrait but fortunately it wasn't there.

Skeeter said...

Wand, the likeness to Madonna in that toast is amazing.
And what a great marketing ploy offering a toaster that "may or may not reproduce the Virgin Mary image".

During the twenty peripatetic years of my life, I rarely had Christmas Day at home. One spent in Bahrain was memorable.
The pub helped us celebrate with a complimentary slab of VB in each room plus a few bottles of stronger stuff for the skipper to share.
A free Christmas Day feast kept us busy for most of the day.
What impressed me was that our teetotal Arab hosts were cheerfully helping us boozy Christians celebrate the birth of a troublesome Jew.

TimT said...

The evidence! And I remain witless for the prosecution.