Monday, May 11, 2009

Crims. Not real bright, not real lucky.

Recent Mt Gravatt Night Owl robbery…

MDFD phoned me thismorning and told me about a work colleague of hers (remember the snaps of the lost pensioner in the Magna stuck on the stairs near the main UQ Admin building, looking for the Vet School to take his sick possum…)

Her colleague lives in the Mt Gravatt area and regularly visits the Night Owl shop. He asked the bloke behind the counter what happened with the robbery. The bloke behind the counter happened to be the bloke who was working that night.

A young bloke came into the shop, brandishing a small knife, saying “You’re being robbed.”

The sales clerk had just made himself a nice, piping hot cup of coffee, which he tossed in the face of the robber. While the robber was still in a state of surprise he grabbed the big knife from the deli counter and, Paul Hogan style, waved it at the robber and advised him that there wasn’t going to be a robbery.

The robber ran out of the shop, down the street. He stopped at a driveway where a car was reversing out and, opening the passenger door, told the driver that he was going to give him a lift… whilst still waving the knife around.

The driver, a rather large gentleman of Maori extraction, said he wasn’t giving him a lift, and punched the robber hard enough to send him flying back out the passenger side of the car.

The robber got up and ran into the yard of a house. In the yard was a large, savage dog and the dog held the robber at bay.

The Maori bloke and the shop clerk had chased the robber and were waiting on the other side of the fence from the savage dog and the bailed-up robber. Neither of them wanted to jump the fence and secure the robber because of the dog, so they just called the police and waited for them to arrive.

Police arrived, entered the yard. The dog is fine with them. They put the robber in the back seat of the police car, and the big, savage dog jumped in, too. If they tried to get the dog out he just growled at them, menacingly. They decided they needed to get the owner of the house to help with the dog.

They knocked on the door and a betowelled man answered. They explained the situation and the betowelled man laughed and explained that he is a policeman and the dog is his police dog. He will not let the villain out of his sight until his master calls him off.

He called the dog, the dog exited the police car, and the wols carted the robber off to the watch house.

Crims. Not real bright, not real lucky.


RebeccaH said...

What a great story! I love it when a dimwit catches his wit in his dim.

Steve at the Pub said...

Chortle, chortle, chortle!

kc said...

Ditto! What they said! And thanks for the laugh!

Living next door to whopper. said...

What a load of bollocks. I work almost next door. You're almost right up to "You're being robbed". It was morning at the IGA.

The clerk freaked out and completely missed with his coffee, falling down screaming out in fright, picking up 2 knives. The bandit had already fled empty-handed and was away in his car when the clerk came out waving the knives around shreiking.

The clerk went back inside and called the police and went back to work - the crim had 'decamped'.

However, he came back later looking for some money he'd lost. Police were notified of our suspicions and he again left in his car. Police noticed him pull an illegal U-turn and intercepted his vehicle. He took off through back streets, but ended up in a dead end behind the shops with the police car far behind with sirens blaring.

He jumped a fence and ran up and knocked on the door of the house belonging to the lady minding Rocky, the police dog on long service leave. She asked him to go away and he did.

A Maori guy, who had his little boy in the front seat of his coupe, offered him a ride in exchange for money, and let the bandit jump in the back seat. As the police car pulled into the street, the lady ran onto the street with Rocky and flagged down the police. The Maori stopped to let the bandit out, and then shouted "He's in the back", with no punch ever thrown.

The bandit ran off across the street, jumping over fences and through yards. Having established the dog's bona fides, Rocky joined police on foot and the bandit had run out of puff and given up when the dog caught up. The dog and bandit were standing next to each other, both panting when police arrived, neither snarling nor menacing.

No Maori or clerk ever turned up, but the wols did arresting and handcuffing him, one leading the dog away back to the house of the handler. Rocky never sat in the car with the suspect.

Detectives arrived on the scene and the bandit was put straight into the back of a car and taken away for an interview.

The Maori turned out to be a crim himself and was lucky not to be charged and the brave clerk never left the shop after he called the police, also lucky not to have been charged with going armed and public nuisance for all the carrying on!

We've let the Courier Mail know of their inaccuracies as well.

Sounds like the clerk's legend is growing with each retelling...

kae said...

Thanks living next door.

I was only telling the story as told by the clerk to a work colleague of a friend.

I wasn't there, I didn't see it.

It was a good story!

Either way, petty crims certainly aren't smart.

I didn't see any story in the CM, not when I wrote this story, nor did I see anything in the police rounds, or I would have linked to them.

Good ol' Auntie! said...

Off-duty police dog nabs runaway bandit.

This is more like it...

Still a good yarn either way, huh?

Cheers, great blog!

kae said...

Thanks for the link, Good ol' Auntie!

I guess the clerk told a lotta people his story?

Check and verify... said...

Robbery suspect jumps into police dog's yard.,23739,24583317-3102,00.html

Mediocre Mail must have interviewed the handler and clerk without checking with police, who released this Afternoon Round-up:

Attempted armed robbery charge, Upper Mount Gravatt: Police have charged a 30-year-old man after an attempted armed robbery in Mount Gravatt this morning. Around 6.50am it is alleged that a man entered the IGA supermarket on Logan Road and threatened a staff member with a knife, demanding cash. The man allegedly left the store empty handed and was seen running towards Logan Road where he was seen to get into a car. Police noticed a vehicle a short time later on Logan Road before it stopped and the driver fled. Police pursued on foot and during this time it is alleged that the man ran through a yard containing an off duty police dog. The dog joined in the pursuit and the man was detained a short time later. A 30-year-old Acacia Ridge man has been charged with one count each of attempted robbery whilst armed, unlawful use of a motor vehicle, evade police and obstruct police. He will appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court tomorrow.

God bless 'em...

kae said...

Check and Verify, thanks for that link, too.
Mediocre Mail. LOL.

And yes, so pleased that the Wals got him... though if he's a seasoned crim he won't be stopped for long...

Usually there's some kind of press release by the Police.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, wonder if said clerk has been regaling your friend D about the time when he was a Formula 1 racer, played in the Broncos premiership, inspired Barack O to run for Pres, fought at Basra, Long Tan, Kokoda, Gallipoli, Rourke's Rift etc etc...

Bleating hearts said...

Nah, looked and acted like a first-timer, wals said he wasn't dangerous and was coming clean and telling his hard luck story.

Hopefully a last-timer...