Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hole new raft of AAMI adverts

Apparently AAMI isn't tardy with taking advantage of current news events in their advertising, they've already aired an advertisement using the Bellevue Crater.

Listening to the sound with the video it seems that the chap taking the video doesn't appreciate that police tell you to move for your own safety, particularly the first police man who has asked more than once for people to move away and eventually tells them he will arrest them. When a female police officer says it is for their safety that she's asking them to go home they are more compliant.

There is also a gallery of pictures.

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Dan Lewis said...

The crater is a couple of suburbs away from where I live. We all talk about it and it's a popular topic. Mostly because it happened in the middle of the night and nobody got hurt. A few hours later, and it would have been a major tragedy.

I understand the water pipes burst. It was a disaster waiting to happen. The retaining wall has been decrepit for years. The footpath not much better. Pretty much like most of the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, despite much of it being the highest taxpaying area in Australia.

NSW is a joke.

I expect Council will rebuild Cooper Park and reinforce the road with solid-steel parking meters...