Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ocean, Sky and Khaki - Support Australian Military

A few bloggers get together and suddenly a new blog is born. I didn't even know we were expecting!

Ocean, Sky and Khaki is a blog set up to help support Australian military forces serving away from home, particularly those overseas, with things like care parcels, postcards, letters and information on what to put in them and where to send them.

Nilk, Boy and I want OSK to be a point of reference and meeting for those who wish to support Australia's Military and for members to contact us to let us know what to put in those care packages to make their lives a little easier.

If anyone has any links or ideas for the blog please let us know at OSK.


Graeme said...

Hi Kae,

This link gives details of the various operations that the ADF is currently involved with.


It's unfortunate that many of them get ignored by the media and politicians.

Anonymous said...

Hey lady or ladies and gentleman...Great looking NEW Blog...and a outrageously worthy cause and team it is dedicated to.

Skeeter said...

Great idea, y'all.
An email should be arriving in your box about now.

kc said...

Put up a post and a link in my blogroll. You have my everlasting admiration!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations all. Great idea. Great site. Left a comment.

I've tried to set up a Google account so I don't show up as "Anonymous" and have to remember to put my name at the bottom of each post but Google keeps saying I already have an account. If so, I can't remember the username or password.