Friday, May 1, 2009

Outrage at mouse attack

There is outrage after a report of an 86 year old war veteran in a nursing home in Dalby, Queensland, was found to have been bitten on the ears, face and neck by mice.

There is a mouse plague on the Darling Downs at the moment. It's quite common, about every four years. Good rains and a lot of new growth mean that conditions are great for mice to breed, I'm having problems with mice where I live, they're living on the first floor* of my home.

Just so you know what a mouse plague in grain country looks like, here's a video I found on the net:

An old fellow, a local, phoned the radio station today (in the city), and told the host that he was clueless about mouse plagues and how many mice you get and how much damage they do.
He was right. This old bloke said that the mice climb up your sheets and blankets and into your bed and you can wake up with them chewing your hair.

*My home is a single storey house on a slab, the little beasties are living in the ceiling!

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