Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shouting at the radio... ABC AM - GBR, Budget/Turnbull...

Today's ABC AM programme.

Good thing I'm only half listening to it.

Global Warming gloom and doom, economic refugees invading, Oev banging on about Aus cutting emissions to save the GBR (how the hell do reefs all around the world survive in waters with even higher temps?).

NRL group sex incident, Matty Johns might get the sack. He was harassed at the airport - poor Matty Johns is embarrassed.

Chris Ullmann interviews Turnbull about the budget...

Transcripts should appear later today.

A dear friend sent me a summary of the budget:

Treasurer: This budget is a nation building budget to build this country!

Australian people: *sigh* Finally, Australia becomes a nation... who'da thought.

Deputy Prime Minister: Hear, hear! Um, don't forget to tell them what koind of noition, Woine.

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