Friday, May 29, 2009

*sneeze* sniff... I have a wog *sneeze*

Yes. I have a wog.

I've been sneezing and catching the drips from my drippy nose today.

The conversation at work today was about the inevitability of someone at the Uni catching swine flu... yes, it will happen, it's just a matter of time.

One of the women has a stock of tamiflu... just in case.

Good grief!

I'm not sure if my wog is just a cold (unlikely, I don't get colds), or an URTI (upper respiratory tract infection), which is what I usually get. Or it may just be hayfever... but it feels like an URTI.

And I just gave Floyd a treat and the new pack looks like it's been chewed by a mouse... I wonder if it's the mouse that I have already disposed of?

Dang, didn't I publish this yet? I started it at 7pm!


Skeeter said...

Hope you get better soon, Kae.
We risked a brief visit to town yesterday. At the pathology clinic there was a box of free face masks and a bottle of hand steriliser on the counter for customers.
At the pharmacy, the face masks were $3.95 each, and they come with the advice that they should be thrown away after 6 hours use.
I have a space suit and ventilated helmet for use when spraying pesticides. Might wear that on the next trip to town.

Egg said...

Hopefully, Floyd & Co. will cheer you up. :)

RebeccaH said...

Um... so "wog" also means "a cold"?

This language. It's so hard to grasp all of it. ;-)

Unless this new flu comes roaring back in the Fall (North American Fall, which means a year from now for you) and killing every third person, I'm not going to worry, even though I'm supposed to be one of those at-risk demographics. Who wants to live forever?

Um, well, I do, but I'm still not going to worry.

kae said...

Hi RebeccaH
Yes, a wog can be any non-specific cold/flu/infection with similar symptoms. It can also be called a "lurgi".

An I don't hear the viruses or the bactera whinging about germism or germist use of the term "wog".

Must. Take. Drugs. Now.

Boy on a bike said...

Does that make this a "wog blog"?

kae said...

Dunno about that, Boy. Maybe a wog post? But I seem to be totally woggified.
Itchy eyes. Sneezing. Drippy nose.
I need more drugs... Mersindol looks good, but why do they make them the size of ice hockey pucks?
Thank God my throat's not sore, or I'd be buggered.
Got this headache at the front above and behind the eyes... bad. Started on the right, but now seems to be moving to cover both sides.
Want to sleep, but can't now, slept all afternoon.
Doctor recommended cold and flu tabs. Yeah, right. I can't take "speed" and I have tachycardia which doesn't like stimulants, besides, if I take sudafed I'm awake for a day! And those packs of cold and flu tabs have day and night tabs, but there's more day ones than night ones.
Polaramine isn't working at all to dry my nose out - but leaves my mouth dry as a bone.
I hate being sick-sick.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Wog...ummm...Chk Chk sneeze

Mehaul said...

Skeeter, if you enter the suburbs of the Gold Coast dressed in a white spray suit and full bell helmet you will make the GC 9 News and feature in the GC Bulletin.

This is far more exciting than 'cat stuck in a tree' for both mediums.

I dare you! Lunch on me.

kae said...

LOL Carpe


Skeeter said...

Rebeccca, it's difficult even for us to grasp.
The intended meaning for "wog" can generally be gained from its context.
However, when someone says they "are in bed with a wog", it helps if you know the person's predilections.

Mehaul, lunch is tempting but...
Can you give me one good reason why I would want to be featured in the Gold Coast meejia?

Minicapt said...

World-wide fame and a Tourism brochure?