Monday, June 22, 2009

50,000 hits!

Sometime in the last 24 hours my more reliable site counter clicked over 50,000 hits. That's since 26 May 2008, the first blog post was 24 May 2008 (I didn't find Sitemeter until a coupla days later).

I'd chuck a party, but I don't like to drink alone.

Dancing alone ain't much fun, either.


kc said...

I only dance alone...or with the Pixie, now. Even at Lovely Daughter's wedding, the Father of the Bride danced with the Bride, the Mother of the Groom, and one of my friends who's always had a crush on the Father of the Bride.

I have 2 feet, both of which refuse to work together most of the time. Pixie girl is not the least bit judgmental on such things...yet.

Congrats on your popularity, too - I finally reached the big One Thousand, had a big glass of iced tea to celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Bugger that. Drink up, and keep on dancin'.

Well deserved congrats!


El Cid said...

Congratulations, Lady Kae.

Mid North Coast fan said...

I'll need to wait for the weekend, but I'll raise a cyber-glass of something in tribute to you Kae .. your website is on my list of regular "must visit" sites. Thanks and congratulations.

Stevo said...

Well done Kae

That's about 50,000 hits minus my 390 or so ... I come and read daily ... sorry that I don't post as often ... but I read every day.

And your Maroons got up again tonight, so it's 2-0. I assume you're a Cane Toad now.

Cheers ... Stevo

kae said...

Thanks, I'm from NSW, which team do you reckon I'd barrack for?

Mid North Coast Fan (is that you, mum?) Tee hee.
Bugger this cyber-glass grog crap. Have some real ones!

Dylan in France said...

Congrats on the 50K, Kae. (50Kae?)

I'm only about 46,000 behind now. :)