Friday, June 26, 2009

Amazingly bad turn of luck

A truckdriver killed by a stray bullet in Sydney.

Bad luck?

A TRUCK driver - believed an innocent bystander to Sydney's latest crime war - has been shot dead in a violent fast food outlet attack that has left two seriously injured.

The gunshots were fired during an altercation between a group of men in the car park of KFC in Milperra Road, Milperra - the suburb which was the scene of Sydney's most famous bikie massacre - about 10:40pm last night.
Bad luck is when you trip and fall. Bad luck is when a stone smashes your windscreen. Getting shot in the street while carrying out your normal daily tasks is not "bad luck". It's bloody unacceptable.

What is it with these brazen gun-toting criminals that shoot outs in the street are still happening?

My first job was at GEC in Horsley Road, Milperra. It's mostly an industrial area. The shooting was at KFC.

After two other men aged in their 20s were also shot in the gunfight, the first Bankstown police on the scene chased a car speeding away through the streets of Milperra.

The driver of the car - a man believed aged in his 20s - was arrested and taken to Bankstown police station where he is now being held in custody.

Police also searched the area surrounding KFC and tragically, found the truck driver slumped in his white prime mover with TNT B-double trailers not far from the KFC outlet near the corner of Milperra Rd and Henry Lawson Drive, Milperra.

The truck's headlights were still on as paramedics worked frantically to try to revive the truckie but he died from massive head injuries.
I'm not sure what, but something needs to be done. Better policing? It's not know whether the shooting was bikie related or other crims, or even a family/ethnic feud. No names of other shooting 'victims' yet. That should be interesting.



stackja1945 said...

A former neighbour named Lenny McPherson supposedly said you kept crime out of the headlines. Bad for business. Today's crime figures like the publicity.

Pogria said...

The death of Bob Knight was the real tragedy today.

Not the removal from this planet of another weirdo.

The police are still trying to work out how Mr Knight managed to bring his truck to a safe stop, without hurting anyone else on the road, after having been shot in the head.

I feel no grief over the death of Michael Jackson.

I feel deeply for the family of Bob Knight who have to cope with their loss.

Anonymous said...

Mahmoud Mariam, 26, was refused bail on charges of speeding, driving with a suspended licence, dangerous and negligent driving, and failing to stop, when he appeared at Bankstown Local Court today.

Rival Muslims shootout