Monday, June 8, 2009

Chk chk June!

It appears from the shorts advertising ACA next week that Claire the Chk chk boom girl is going to get a makeover from the famous June Dally-Watkins.

June Dally-Watkins' school of deportment operated in the 70s when I was a teenager... I had a friend who attended June Dally-Watkins' to be "finished".

I wonder what will happen to Claire? The previews look like it's going to be like something out of Ladette to Lady... with tears.

Leave the girl alone. I don't think she lied, and she shut up because someone pointed out the danger of being so well-known.

Oh dear, I'll have to change the channel now. Russell Ingall is checking out the bad drivers in Australia, and doing it in Queensland.

Update II:
Tracey Grimshaw replied to Gordon Ramsay. She spent about 4 minutes giving him oxygen, denying they are friends etc.
I think she'd have been better off ignoring him.
She also had a shot at him about his private life.
(I was on the phone at the time so missed a lot of what she said, but it was just giving him oxygen and she was probably wasting her breath.)
Tracey, if he said nothing defamatory which you can sue for, you are better off letting it run off like water off a duck's back. Who the hell is Gordon Ramsay to you anyway?

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Anonymous said...

Hi kae,
I missed Tracey's reply to Gordon
Must admit I don't even know what GR looks like, never watched his show but heard plenty of him.

I caught the "interview" with Claire. I was looking for it.
That bloke, from Ch 9 had it in for her, maybe because she made a fool of reporters or maybe because she was on ch 7 originally?

I don't know if she was told to be polite or she is not as quick off the mark as we were led to believe, but she seemed a bit timid.

I enjoy tea more than coffee but don't seem to get the same kick out of it?