Sunday, June 21, 2009

Floyd pix - the naughty puppy

The evidence:
Floyd 21 Jun 09 10 He seems to pull the mat out from the back door, pull out some tufts of coir, turn it upside down, then partially lie on it while he eats a freshly dug bone from his underground pantry, which you can see through the opening in the pergola in one of the photographs. It used to be a grassed enclosure. Now it's a bit of an excavation.

Floyd 21 Jun 09 3
He is still adorable.

Floyd 21 Jun 09 4
He still smiles a lot.

Floyd 21 Jun 09 5 And likes to lick my fingers.

Floyd 21 Jun 09 8
He still likes to play tug-of-war, but will let go when I say "Leave!".

I must add that at some stage when taking these photographs Floyd decided to stick his nose on the camera lens.



Egg said...

He looks pretty tall at the shoulder, now.

Pedro the Ignorant said...

"Hooligan" dogs like Floyd always make me smile.

Thank God for our four legged friends. They keep us sane and focussed, and take our minds from venal politicians and the never ending waves of multicultural grievances.

TimT said...

Yikes! He also has lasers in his eyes!