Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jamie Packer lost $1B*


Kevin still wins.

And at least with Jamie it's his money**.

*Promo for upcoming TV expose.
**OK, his father's, but he inherited it fair and square...


Caz said...

Depend how you look at things: James has, after all, been working full time for at least the last twenty years, and not for free.

He's actually lost around three or four billion in the last couple of years. Don't know where the $1B figure is coming from, but it's under cooked and seriously under researched. Dozens of articles have covered Packer's losses. Not difficult for anyone to uncover!

kae said...

$1B lost in Las Vegas....

Three or four billion? Kevin STILL wins!!

Caz said...

Oh, indeed. That's old news though, the deal went sour quite a while ago.

How does Kev win?

Most of his losses have been bad deals and drop in share price. The benefit to Kev would be ... ?????

Packer doesn't pay tax at the same rate as people like you and me!! And just think how well his accountants will work all those losses.

kae said...

Kev wins, he's lost MUCH more money than Jamie!

Dylan in France said...

Jamie: check behind the couch.

Wand said...

Small change for the Packers?

One story that always amused me about Packer was when $5 million in gold ingots were stolen from Packer's Sydney offices in 1995. The Packers operate in interesting circles as evidenced from the pistol story (main story of the link).

I remember that the gold that Packer kept in his Sydney office was supposedly as a gambling kitty. So what's a mere billion or two? The son has a tradition to follow.

Caz said...

Yes, the cool five million in gold, just sitting in the office, a brazen theft, and no one ever caught. '

Packer Snr didn't even squawk. Took it on the chin.

Definitely one for the Australian myths and legends.