Sunday, June 14, 2009

Meet the press...

I caught the programme when they were talking about the compulsory acquirement of Aboriginal camps at Alice Springs (Tangentyere), and there, in all it's glory, was the vision of the "terrible conditions, accommodation", and a suitable sob story from the narrator. Highlighted were the shoddy accommodation and the terrible conditions (rubbish strewn around the place, mattresses on the floor, filthy, gutted houses - amazing how someone has just come in there a trashed the place). You know some of those houses are thirty years old and there's not enough money for maintenance. Funny that. Maintenance doesn't mean replacing smashed fittings, filthy kitchens, etc. One young bloke interviewed said it was a land grab, although the point was made that there are also some people who want it to go ahead to make the camp better. Jenny Macklin was also interviewed about Tangentyere. (Click the link above for a transcript of the whole programme, sometime.) Damned if you do; damned if you don't.

Dialoging, making special exceptions for troublesome minorities, because it's a cultural thing, because Australians are racist... Tom Calma.

In other news the National Bank will introduce Sharia compliant loans... available to everyone. They will make their money via different methods. I can't find anything on the net at the moment. Oh wait, here you are.


Anonymous said...

Not sure of the bozos from NAB actually understand or want to understand the "sharia" banking concept.

It works like this: The bank does not charge interest, it simply restructures the "fees and charges" to achieve the same result. Basically it is pseudo-religious sleight of hand; a bit like the ETS fraud.

If NAB introduce this fraud, they will lose me as a life-long "customer". Mind you, the rest of the banks are probably run by individuals of similar intellectual and moral rigour.

kae said...


I thought it meant unfair or extortionate interest charged, perhaps like credit cards 19% or some lenders, notably the ones you sign up with at the merchants 29%.

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