Saturday, June 6, 2009

Rich boy racer straddles centuries

In an amusing article, "Drag Racing's Patron Sheik: Speed-Crazy Prince From Qatar Spends Millions in Bid to Dominate Sport; Sushi at the Dragstrip," Matthew Futterman writes in the Wall Street Journal about Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al-Thani, 22, a son of the emir of Qatar, and his well-funded love for car-racing.

So if he needs to make a choice which will win, the twenty-first century or the seventh?

Via Daniel Pipes.

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splice said...

I’m not a gambling man, but my money is on the camel.

RebeccaH said...

He loves the technology. If he doesn't also love the philosophy, he's doomed to be a camel-jockey forever, regardless of whether it has a combustion-engine or not.

Egg said...

If you search YouTube for e.g. 'Arab drifting' you'll see 'em drifting on *public* roads with e.g. Oz-made Chevvies & Caprices (Commodore/Statesman, with our Corvette-sourced GenIII/IV V8) - likely why Holden survived the GM blitz: < 25% of Statesman/Caprice go to the Oz market, most are exported.

Egg said...

From an Ice Road Trucker, a Raven surfing the truck's wake: Wing Surfer