Sunday, June 7, 2009

Surprise, surprise, Bligh backs privatisation

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh says there will be no negotiating the government's planned $15 billion asset sell-off, despite admitting workers could end up shortchanged.

The sale of five Queensland-owned assets as a buffer ahead of this month's state budget has ignited public anger and fierce opposition from the unions, who claim it will put up to 10,000 jobs at risk.

Even Labor's members have spoken out against the privatisation, with rebel members threatening to have the premier expelled from the party for breaching ALP rules if the move goes ahead.

This doesn't seem to have been covered much in the MSM. I found this info after seeing a snippet in the TV news about Bligh walking out on the ALP State Conference, and Kevin Rudd.

Read more here at Yahoo news. Bligh's spouting the "tough decision" spiel.

What will they sell next to bail them out of their bad spending decision debt?


1735099 said...

"This doesn't seem to have been covered much in the MSM"
Try these -,23739,25597952-952,00.html,25197,25594843-5006786,00.html
All very mainstream...

kae said...

Thanks for kindly supplying all those links.

Right now I don't have time to read them all, but do any of them mention that Bligh stormed out on Kevin Rudd?

That's the bit I found interesting and unreported... unless the news was beating up something else which happend and Bligh left while Rudd was waffling on.

Carpe Jugulum said...

I think Anna may have upset the comrades at the ACTU conference. I read in the news yesterday that Blighs branch of the ALP was trying to have her expelled.

Jeez & i thought Victoria was a shambles......oh is

Mehaul said...

And to think they could have elected Greg Martin instead of her. A real missed opportunity. At least his brain is free wheeling and independent.

Anonymous said...

his brain is free wheeling?

Must hurt!

Mehaul said...

Anony...he always seems to be pain free, happy and witty. Though he did endure a period of cancer in the 90s. He's also smart. Became a builder before going to Uni and doing a business or law degree. Can't remember which one. Also an international Rugby player, radio personality and respected sports commentator and full time father.

Free wheeling by means of no party constriction, no brakes at every meeting....altruistic yes! But still better than a career teacher trained labor apartchik who by comparison is 'stuck in a bog of its (her) own making'.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mehaul I meant nothing by it.
Thought it was a bit of a funny expression.