Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The 70s - the decade that good taste forgot

So a friend has told me...

Having seen this I must admit he's right.


Carpe Jugulum said...

I think it's a toss up between the 70's & 80's, both are equally cringeworthy.

Geez this will give me nightmares tonight thinking about it.

Egg said...

As a baby boomer, gimme the music (oft voted the most innovative, ever) but you can keep the lava lamps & fondue sets & absolutely shove the 'burnt orange' decor that ranged from saucepan sets to cars, FFS ...

Carpe Jugulum said...

I know i'm going to regret this;

"oft voted the most innovative, ever"

Ok - watcha got, please for the love of god don't say the beatles or elvis or dylan or the stones or someone who is either dead or a pensioner.

Egg said...

Likely a 'Nam/FlowerPower influence + improvements in recording technology (as always) - covered a little on 'Old Tim's' - nowadays 70s originals/cover versions seem to dominate film soundtracks.

Personally, the early 70s with (US) chick ballads of Roberta Flack***/Carole King*/Carly Simon**; Glam Rock (The Doors/T-Rex, et al) and associated guitar riffs; Dark Side of the Moon/Tubular Bells, et al and their stunning recording quality (Quadraphonic (surround) sound had just come in).

Shaggie's recent morphing of 70s hits Gangster of Love + Angel of the Morning to produce 'Angel' is nothing short of brilliant.

*Locomotion cover launched Kylie's career
**You're so Vain: who doesn't know it
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face:
Killing Me Softly With His Song:

Minicapt said...

We have hip-hop and hoodies; I think it's a draw.