Sunday, July 26, 2009 a worthy cause

From the ashes of destruction there is regeneration, renewal, repair....

One man asked for help to fix his fences after the February 7 bushfires in Victoria. The response he received overwhelmed him. Over 100 people arrived to help, and after his fences were built still more people arrived to help.

"Out of the ashes on black Saturday 2009 came an urgent need for fences to be rebuilt.

Kevin Butler, a local Kilmore East farmer, whose fence lines were among those burnt,
sought assistance from family, friends and local volunteers to assist him to rebuild them.

Grateful for the assistance they received, Kevin and Rhonda Butler decided to try to help a few others with their fencing.

Thus, Blaze Aid was born and within just a few weeks of the fires, several hundred kilometres of fencing has been resurrected. This task could not have been achieved without the support of volunteer groups and businesses assisting with equipment, food, accommodation and billeting, transport and hands-on assistance in the fire zones."

Volunteers have come from Australia and around the world, one couple came from Switzerland and stayed for four months to help.

Check it out here. How can you help?

Photo gallery here.

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