Sunday, July 19, 2009

Double standard

Sunda Yartz programme ABC today.

Speed dating for Yartizts, so they can "network". A good idea.

One indigenous artist is working on a theme of the black virgin. She spoke of the theme, or needing to have some outlet to display her completed series. She said she was working on golliwogs...

The art critic/gallery owner mentioned that she thought that golliwogs were tabu?

The artist seemed a little nonplussed for a moment, then said, "Oh, not if you're black".

I would have preferred her to say, "Oh, not in my opinion."

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Nilk said...

Magilla was given a little golliwog years ago and I immediately christened it "Michael Jackson" because it was black and had no nose.

She's since added another to her collection, and she loves golliwogs.

Not as much as Astroboy, but she thinks they're great!