Thursday, July 30, 2009

What will happen to this 18 year old thug?

"I walked in and heard a lady screaming in the toilet, my cousin said 'is everything alright in there?', and then the next thing you know the door flew open and I don't remember anything else," Mr Trapnell told Nine News.

"There was a man and a lady in there (the toilet).

"A big fella came out and apparently hit me and my cousin said 'don't hit him he can't see', and he stood in the way and then the guy beat my cousin up."

Kevin Paisa, an 18-year-old from Kingston in Brisbane's south, has been charged over the attack which left Mr Trapnell with a broken jaw and lacerations, and his cousin Nathan Reith, 30, with a broken jaw.
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It's not that the first victim is blind, it's just the mindless idiocy of this 18 year old bashing anyone.

The accused looks to be some kind of islander. If the attack had been the other way around this would probably be labelled as another racist attack.


Mercurius Aulicus said...


This is the online Courier Mail article on the subject here (,,25852339-3102,00.html)

In the print edition - it mentions that "Samoan-born Kevin Paisa, 18" and in a paragraph at the end it also mentions:

Paisa's cousin also appeared in court yesterday charged over a separate incident. The court heard Frank Joseph Ulai, 19, punched a man and stole his mobile phone as he was walking across Victoria Bridge around 7.30pm Tuesday.

Ulai was granted bail and is due to appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on August 19.

Notice that all of that is missing from the online story.

In any case, sounds like a delightful family. I bet you anything that they came to Australia through New Zealand.

Time to bring back the old restrictions for New Zealanders I say.

Also in a country like Switzerland - the whole family would be deported if the children behaved as these two have.

kae said...

MCB - I saw the news report on TV, and noted that the accused looked like an islander. That's how I deduced his non-appearance.

Anonymous said...

uhmm , Excuse you MR " mild colonial boy, Esq." i actuarly happen to know kevin and frank. Your bet is WRONG, Kevin did not come from new zealand, he came straight from samoa. i feel like saying so many nasty words to you but i wount because this is the internet and its public. How dear you say that about new zealand. your just jealous that you country isnt like ours. and Frank is actuarly a realy nice dude. He probably took the blame for someone ! and dont say anything about there family. !!

kae said...

Hi Anonymous
Really nice dudes don't get arrested for assault.
Mild Colonial Boy was pointing out his suspicion that this person entered Australia via NZ because there is no need for visas, etc, to get in from NZ. Simple really.
It's unfortunate that islanders seem to have a bad reputation for fighting.
Islanders are among the kindest, most generous people in the world. However, there's that brawler reputation which hasn't been created from thin air.

Anonymous said...

Dear KAE , that was me before and
its good what you had written but that other dude who i was on about is teko. He shouldnt write stuff like that about nz. nz is my home time. its alHood. hahah.

Anonymous said...

ohh. i mean Home TOWN.*

Anonymous said...

this is a person that knows frank and hes innocent because no chargers stuck only one and thats incompanie but thats bull they cant prove he threw a punch but anyways franks working and never spent a day inside the pen thank GOD for that! lord knows what will become ov him if he did? oh well thats all i wanted to say about people talking crap!

kae said...

If you want to comment please put a name at the bottom of your comment.
If you don't I'll delete anonymous comments, particularly on old things like this.