Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why do they do that?


Jax has given me an idea.

What things do people do which makes you wonder why they do it?

For example, what is it that makes blokes collect, say 5 cent coins.

I understand the shrapnel collection found near where a bloke takes off his trewes, but why do some fixate on collecting certain denominations, and some only take that stash to the bank when they can barely carry the money box*?

*Unless, of course, the missus raids the stash for the occasional essentials.

Why do some people sneeze, and sneeze, and sneeze but will not blow their nose when you just KNOW that's what's irritating their nose and making them sneeze?

My Dad used to sneeze and sneeze and sneeze... and you just KNEW he needed to blow his nose, and they weren't delicate little sneezes, they were powerful ones that'd lift the ruddy roof off, and clean out your eardrums. Deafening.
Hmm. Maybe it's a Dad thing?

Thanks Jax!


splice said...

Kids say the darndest things!

Can I share?

I keep 5c pieces in a plastic cup because I have a pirate fantasy and I hope that some day silver coins will be worth something once again.


I do have a pile of gold Aussie dollars… buried under the sand at a spot marked “X”.

Just follow the secret map to my Visa statement.

kae said...

I always figured that if anyone hacked into my bank accounts they'd feel sorry for me and give me money....

How can a pirate treasure be a negative balance?

Or a golden IOU?


Anonymous said...

Sorry kae,
you may be right about your father's sneezes but I can assure you I sneeze many times every morning after waking, without any nneed to clear the proboscis.


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