Saturday, August 8, 2009

At least the hose didn't split

Ok. It was a bad day on Friday - not only did I lose some jewellery and probably buggered the job interview (yuk! who likes them?).

Before the job interview I allowed about an hour to get there and park. Plenty of time I thought.

At 9am I was getting dressed and preparing to leave, needed to go at 9:30. I had to wait for the grass to dry befopre filling up the water for the dogs, when the grass is wet the seed heads are really sticky and they stick to my legs/slacks/jeans. I'd turned on the tap and was about to head down the yard when a friend phoned to wish me luck. While on the phone I noticed that Floyd Faceplant's tie rope was frayed. I had to replace that, too, before I left.

Unfortunately I had to cut the phonecall short right then as I had to search for the spare rope (in a safe place), and the spare dog clip, then tie it and so on. Then filled the water up, got dressed and left for the interview, after setting the Navman (which doesn't work if the battery is flat and it's not plugged into the car, funny that).

After the interview I visited a few shops I hadn't been to for a few years, made some very useful purchases, and bought some great, inexpensive fruit and veg from a green grocer, home to unpack and gobble down lunch (late! it was nearly two by this time). Then back to the town near work to visit the physio. Then off to work at about 3:45, which was a great relief for my colleague as I am the 9-5 shift this week and she started at 8 that day as the other worker in our office was off on Friday. She was grateful that I'd come to work for that last hour so that she could go home, she had a rotten headache.

A thought crossed my mind when I arrived at work... did I turn off the tap? I have tank water on trickle feed and using a pressure pump. Fortunately when I arrived home at 5:30 the hose hadn't blown so I was rather relieved.

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