Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ding dong, Ted's dead

Oh dear.

Prepare to shut off for a few days.

Already the adulation is nauseating.

I heard some drivel on the radio on the way home and figured he must have karked it.


mythusmage said...

What I find interesting is the fact that for the first time in decades Massachusetts has been reduced to two senators. (Old joke.)

Word Verification: "lized", what happens to young ladies who experiment with a middle aged dyke. "She was thoroughly lized by "Car Parts" Rachel."

Wand said...

Hi Kae,

And I happen to be where the action/inaction is at present! Yes that's right - Washington DC, well actually across the river in Arlington VA. And the news here is ...groan ... enough said. I watched it for a few minutes as it was all I could take. Still I have other things to do.

Cheers, W

RebeccaH said...

Edward Kennedy will not be missed by a great many. His "legend" was largely informed by a legacy media trading on a forty-year-old tradition of "Camelot". They covered for his ugly indiscretions because they could do no other, having put themselves "in the tank". Much like they're doing for Obama now (although I don't think Obama is quite the same kind of lecherous predator that Teddy was). Obama's predations are more the cool, political, skin-ripping-of-all-those-who-oppose-me kind.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Huzzah, Saddam has a new dance partner.

kae said...

Hi all
I liked the comment by one of the Blairites that when they mention Camelot someone should always take the opportunity to mention, again, The Lady in the Lake.

1735099 said...

One major issue confronting the Kennedys (and afraid to speak its name) has always been anti-catholic bigotry.
Obviously, there's still plenty of it around.

kae said...

So if people think that by Kennedy's deeds he is unworthy of the adulation he is receiving after his death (and before), that's because of their anti-catholic bigotry?

Perhaps you should do a little survey of how many catholics think he is unworthy, and think again.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely kae.

I'm a lapsed Catholic and I think the entire Kennedy clan consists of dickheads.

Anonymous said...

My God, numbers has come up with an other doozie.

Of all the questionable qualities of the Kennedy's, religion was the last thing I ever thought of.

As a matter of fact, I never thought of it until now.


Pedro the Ignorant said...

Interesting to note that Little Green Footballs, a right wing high profile blog in the US, has declared that anyone writing nasty stuff about the Swimmer would have their account closed forthwith.

It's his blog and he can enforce anyy rules he likes, but I must admit and I am somewhat surprised. I no longer look to the media to give a fair and accurate accounting of anything, and I was interested to see just what the general public thought about Ted and which way public opinion was swinging despite the nauseous fawning of the US media.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Evening Pedro,

LGF lost me some time ago (a debate for another day), but as you say his blurb his rules.

IMHO the negative comment directed at Ted K stems a lot from his conduct with death Mary-jo Kopechne and his complete abscence of remorse or ability to 'fess up'.

I gave up on the MSM some time ago, if they gave me the facts with a splash of informed opinion from either side of the divide in politics i'd be happy with that, unlikely as that is.

kc said...

Teddy gives Catholics a bad name, but I know honourable Catholics who balance it out. He's just public, and they're not. The fact that he took a paycheck under the guise of "public servant," screwed the American people, the Constitution, and any waitress unlucky enough to get in the way is where my animosity lies, not with his religion...or lack thereof.

kc said...

Lack of sleep is my excuse for not adding getting away with killing Mary Jo Kopechne without so much as a whimper - and certainly no public outcry.