Friday, August 7, 2009

Interview skills

After the job interview I thought "if only I was as capable of speaking as Kevin Rudd, I'd have the job in the bag, without even saying anything!"


Boy on a bike said...

I walked into a "coffee chat" about 2 months ago, and realised after half an hour it was an interview.

Since I had no idea up front it was an interview, I was very relaxed.

Walked into the job, no wuckers.

kae said...

Oh, I wish!

Really cranky about the necklace, wonder if I can claim it on my insurance? Full price it would have been a coupla hundred worth, not sure of the excess. Soo disappoitned. Only had it since Christmas, my pressie to me! And on special. Grrr. I never lose stuff like that.

Carpe Jugulum said...


I'm in roughly the same position as BOAB, my current job was 3 informal meetings, (coffee, cake etc) and bonus they contacted me first (building is like that)


Kae - for the love of god never speak like kevvi, thats called dumbing down.

kae said...

There's not much I can do about the interview.

I have either got it or not. Doesn't matter now, it's past.

But the necklace is just silly, I never lose stuff like that. You know women who lose one earring? I never have. I've never lost a necklace. Ever. I'm mad about it.
That I lost it.

kae said...

If I could speak like Kevvie I could talk, er, waffle my way into anything.

Worked for that twerp and he won an election!

Minicapt said...

St Jude- Patron of Lost Causes.