Thursday, August 20, 2009

Q & A - OMG, they've found Max McWho?

Tonight's panelists
Anthony LaPaglia - Australian actor
Maxine McKew - Parliamentary Secretary for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government
Candy Bowers - Hip Hop Artist, Youth Engagement Officer and Theatre-maker
Judge Felicity Hampel SC - Victorian judge
Tony Smith - Shadow Assistant Treasurer

Will I or won't I??

Okay, I am.

A medal to that East Timorese chappy who said "Gough Whitlam, Australia's most overrated Prime Minister."

And Anthony Lapaglia's comments about the Australian ambassador to Indonesia (?) complaining that bringing this up again after 30 years is just like what was done to the nazis in Germany.

Oh dear! Not the right thing to say about anything.

It's all about Maxine, isn't it?
Five reporters died, but thousands and thousands of East Timorese died... er, well sunshine the problem is that the thought is there that Gough et al knew it was going to happen.

Carpe in comments:

I like Lapaglia's style, doesn't let mein host cut him off when he's talking. Ooooh Tony Smith chucks in a Gough barb.

McWho=Weapons grade stupid, the applause from her comment about Whitlam gives me an inkling of the audience makeup.
But it wasn't only a Gough barb from Tony Smith, but a KRudd slap.

McWho reminds me of Geoffrey Robinson... pompous windbag.

Oh, my. Did you see the young bloke asking the question of the Hip Hopperette, Candy, when he spoke of male chauvenism?


I don't like Hip-Hop, or rap. Why don't Australian indigenes create themselves some style of their own?

Unasked question from The Shadowlands...

Lapaglia has lost me. He survived eight years of the Bush Administration. Talking about the Bush Administrations coopting of the MSM, comedians, etc. silencing criticism. What the hell news was he listening to?

Oh dear. We made them do 9/11 because we invaded Iraq.

He's a Kumbayah idiot.

Onya, Smitty.

Has the 'tard Who been training at Kevvie's knee? I wish she'd stop saying ah. Ah. Ah. Someone should scream at her when she does - did she do it when she was a reporter? Ah, um, arhm.

Tuned out... and Candy is banging on about aboriginal victims and.... she's an idiot.

OMG! McWho shot her down... but it hasn't worked.

Lapaglia is defending the culture... arrgh!

Next week live from the Melbourne Writers' Festival... or is that Melbourne Writer's Festival? He said who's on, but I missed it, he was talking way too fast.

Hey, Carpe, thanks for watching that with me!


Carpe Jugulum said...

I'll give that young man from East Timor quote of the night (a bold early call) "Gough Whitlam, Australia's most over rated Prime Minister"

kae said...

He did have a ripple of support.

Now Maxine McWho - what a f**khead. Sorry about the lingo, but she is.

Gough is my hero.


I like Anthony Lapaglia. (He doesn't look very comfy sitting beside the beaver.)

Carpe Jugulum said...

I like Lapaglia's style, doesn't let mein host cut him off when he's talking. Ooooh Tony Smith chucks in a Gough barb.

McWho=Weapons grade stupid, the applause from her comment about Whitlam gives me an inkling of the audience makeup.

Carpe Jugulum said...

I'd say McWho is like Geoffrey Robinson without the intellect or wit.

kae said...

Dumb as dogsh, er, a box of rocks seems to be a prerquisite to being parachuted into a seat...

kae said...

Someone should tell that young lady that the appreciation of hip-hop or otherwise is not an indication of racism.

I see Who raving about Woodstock, Lapaglia in the background, trying to look...


Ohh, arms crossed, too.

Carpe Jugulum said...

My youngest son was into hip hop & rap, he outgrew it when he was 17.

Tony Smith, Gold FM???? keerist he's younger than me, twit.

Young Candy needs to ease up on the victim thing, oh yea, hip hop is not a culture - it's a freaking music style.

Skeeter said...

Brilliant Q from the Maid.
Next, MM should get MW to investigate why her very pertinent Qs are ignored by Q&A.

As promised last week, we are going to bed calm and healthy by not watching Q&A.

Carpe Jugulum said...

My take;

Lapaglia - Don't necessarily agree with all he says but would make an interesting dinner guest.

Felicity Hampel - Ditto

Candy - Stay the hell away from my boys, victim queen.

Tony Smith - unimpressive, would need to be naked to count to 21

McWho - Proof that first cousins shouldn't marry, an original thought would make her brain explode.

kae said...

Hi Skeeter, glad Carpe and I could help you and Mrs Skeets sleep easy tonight!

Hey, Carpe, excellent summation! He'd be interesting, and so would the judge. She's a very attractive woman, too.

Carpe Jugulum said...

No thanks neede Kae,

I'm a people person it's what i do.
(i can't back that up)

Cheers troops

kae said...

Well, I appreciate someone to watch the tv with...

I don't want to be the only person in the room shouting at the teev!

Venting with someone is so much more healthier.

Anonymous said...

kae you are a masochist, glad I missed it.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Melbourne Writers Festival - is it BYO valium?????

Mick Gold Coast QLD said...

Okay, I took the bait laid over at Blair's and find you, kae, and Carpe Jugulum communing over here about an ABC show.

As Anonymous said "you are a masochist". I gave up on those pretenders over a decade ago - I've never seen Q&A and I suspect I am better for it. The pair of you need to discover alchohol or Scrabble or anything more relaxing than, on Friday night, watching the loons who specialise in hating Australia!

I occasionally look in on the 7:30 Report, merely to confirm what I hear is true - absent professionalism. Way back in the 70s, in my awakening 20s, it was a legit source of news and views.

I have left my opinion on Comrade Maxine (part of it - the rest of it would be libelous) and the over-worked Balibo matter on the Blair open forum.

Your efforts here are interesting, varied and certainly worthy of a longer look around - how you fit it all in is a mystery. I like the Goodies for Grunts serving overseas link (and the nice leg show further down the page, of course! - not that past it yet that I cannot admire and compliment beauty). The Belmore boys used look appreciatevely at the Bankstown girls years back (recalling an earlier exchange with you about origins).

I appreciate your comments on Bolta and Blair - consistently thoughtful, articulate and expressed succinctly. And your sense of humour and of the ridiculous - I concluded long ago that one only gets cranky taking the lunacy of life too seriously. They are pretty good forums both - no poor language and always much intelligent comment on what's doing, plus lots of amusing asides.

Good on yer, kae!

kae said...

Thanks for dropping by, Mick!

I left a smart reply at Tims for you.

It looks like it's going to be warming up here in SE Queensland over the next week.

And I'm going to be busy mowing and doing a job application and working on Sunday - big weekend.