Thursday, August 13, 2009


Tonight's panellists
Craig Emerson - Minister for Small Business (left & clueless)
Christopher Pyne - Shadow Minister for Education, Apprenticeships and Training (right)
Indira Naidoo - climate change activist (left)
Piers Akerman - journalist (right)
Sharan Burrow - president of the ACTU (left right out)

Sharan Burrow, here's my question for you...

If there are so many green jobs ready to go can you please explain to me why they aren't going ahead, why do they need government interference to shovel money away from coal fired power putting the price up, and redirecting it to "renewables"?

Q&A live, interactive forum where you get to ask the questions*.

*As long as they fit in with our agenda.

Naidoo mentions the Big Oil Conspiracy... she's been brainwashed by Gore.

I don't believe this absolute utter and complete shyte. AGW my fat arse.

Snowy asks how a scientific debate (what fricking debate?) has been split so equally along political lines. Oh, oh, 70% of 16% of emissions of farming are animal fartz and burpz. Emerson says "It's not significant."

Well, stupid, that'd be because it is unscientific and it is political.


Indira Naidoo is looking at Piers like, I dunno. He stepped in something that's stinking up the room? Haughty?

Pyne tried to be intelligent, but failed miserably. He's a believer.

Asked whether they're going to tax cow fartz Emerson goes off on a tangent.

Can someone please hit this idiot with the human CO2 emissions as percentage of atmospheric CO2, and Australia's CO2 emissions as a percentage of that percentage... and ask him why he and the ALP thinks that's significant.

That sheila on the Central Qld property needs to be pushed backward into her pond.

About Bill Heffernan's digital comment - he received a rousing round of applause from one, perhaps two, audience members.

Floyd was trying to bust down the back door (probably after a moth), and I did hear something commentworthy just before I went outside... but sorry, I've forgotten.

"Why can't Australia lead the way..." question from a lemming on the floor.

'Cos you are a frikking lemming.

Carpe, you reckon Indira's hot. Hot she may be, MILF for you she may be - but honestly... dumb as a box of rocks. It'd only be good once.

Bringing up the cold war can fan racist feelings...

DUMBER than a box of rocks.

And WTF is the question about Stern Hu and china and so on directed in the first instance to Christopher Pyne, shadow minister for EDUCATION. Try passing it first to the minister for smallish business, whose government is in the HOT SEAT at the moment and actually has the power to do something about it... or not. Next, Sharan, human rights... blah blah blah. She's as dumb as a sponge.

Can we export Sharan? What about the children.

Jeez, Emerson agrees with the first part of what Pyne said....

Is the government going softly on this Hu thing because it's best to do it quietly...

Jeez, first, it wasn't quiet to start off with, and that must be absolutely killing Rudd.

It's Chris Pyne's birthday today... and my Sister in Law's.

Bugger me!
They've found Maxine McKew...
she's on next weeks program.


Carpe Jugulum said...

Who the f**k was that giggling idiot that asked Ackerman the question - a drooling fool.

Sharran Burrows - i wish someone would aske her W..T..F is a green job.

Indira Naidoo looks good - dumb as a sack of hammers, but looks good, i think she's been working out.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Is it just me or is Indira channelling a 16yo school girl

Carpe Jugulum said...

My take - Pyne is a twit, i weep for the future.

Sharran - funny name for a bloke (i blame johnny cash - boy named sue, etc)

Indira - Who ????? (weapons grade stupid)

Piers - Not enough air time

The rest - forgettable, very forgettable.

kae said...

Good summary, Carpe.

I don't know about weapons grade stupid, I haven't actually ever seen the stupid gradient table...
has anyone?

We need to have some guidance here.

Skeeter said...

After watching last night's Q&A I decided that it is bad for my health.
It can't be good for a man of my age — when it is past his bedtime — to be shouting obsenities at an innocent television set.
Also, it is causing my bride to shout the same obscenities. Not a good look.
So we have decided that you young folk will have to watch it for us from now on.

Carpe Jugulum said...


Having consulted my well worn copy of Fabers Book of Fools (2nd Ed McMillan press 1976) The abrided list of stupidity (from low grade stupid to high grade stupid) is as follows;

Drooling moron
Silly as a sack of cats
Dumb as a stump/sponge (or inanimate object of choice)
Stupid as a box of hammers
Weapons grade stupid (the gold standard)

Pedro the Ignorant said...

I'm with Skeeter.
I refuse to watch the pack of witless drones that appear on Q&A.
Regardless of the topic du jour, I start throwing my foam rubber cricket balls at the screen within the first 30 seconds.
This cannot be good for my ongoing health.