Sunday, August 2, 2009

"Radio shock jock taken off air after radio stunt"

Well, just saw the crawler on seven.

"Further details Sunrise tomorrow."

B'bye Vile, don't let the door hit you....

Oh. Kyle's stressed?

THE Kyle and Jackie O radio show has been suspended indefinitely after last week's lie detector stunt, with host Kyle Sandilands declaring he is unable to go on air.


Boy on a bike said...

They engaged in a race to the bottom.... and they won.

kae said...

Up here breakfast radio has been rubbish for a long time. All the same formula. Up to three of the most un-funny, least well-read people they could find in Australia are put together to present a programme which consists of them laughing at their own lame jokes and skits, taking the mickey out of Joe Average Public, setting up prank phonecalls (lame, lame, lame). It started on this track when MMM, which had good music and Sammy Power in the breakfast team got rid of Sammy. They were amusing, Sammy was good because she was well-read and politically aware, she also had a bit of good taste. She was funny because her vocabulary was huge. After she left/was sacked, the next female team member was a dunce, a bimbo. I don't think she was acting. The other stations weren't much better.

That bloke who operates Agro* was on another breakfast programme (B105 I think). That programme became unfunny really fast when he adopted a character for his prank "gotcha" calls and this character was trotted out all the time. The prank calls weren't funny most of the time, either, and some were downright cruel.

That's why I listen to ABC Local Brisbane. Sure they're annoying, but they give you the news and are variably aware of what's going on in Australian politics and the world, some of them are even AGW sceptics (but don't let that slip much or often).
(*Ah! remembered his name, Jamie Dunne)