Monday, August 10, 2009

This comes as no surprise

Female voters desert Bligh
The Galaxy-Sunday Mail poll of 800 voters around the state on July 30 and 31 found Ms Bligh's popularity had hit an all-time low for a Queensland premier at just 33 per cent.

On a gender breakdown, female support was 36 per cent, with just 30 per cent approval from men.

In addition, there was a massive across-the-board dissatisfaction rating of 62 per cent.

The Galaxy-Sunday Mail poll also found 65 per cent of people believed corruption and cronyism were widespread in Ms Bligh's Labor Government.

There was also a dramatic swing to the Opposition, with a 59-41 lead on a two-party-preferred basis, which would lead to 20 extra seats for the Liberal National Party.

And 64 per cent of people were not happy with the Government's performance on the economy.

The only good news for the Premier from the poll was that LNP leader John-Paul Langbroek had not capitalised on her drop in support.
It's a Galaxy Poll, but honestly, it doesn't surprise me at all. What surprised me orginally was that people fell for the usual ALP spin from Bligh, especially with all the let downs (their current abysmal performance), and exposure of the spin of the Federal ALP. Springborg was painted as a fool, and he didn't spin which proved his downfall. I am disappointed with the Queensland voting public for not seeing through the spin, not recognising that the schemes and plans lined up for Queensland were not being put forward.

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