Friday, August 28, 2009

UN finds fault with Australia's treatment of Aborigines

What a surprise.
THE United Nations special rapporteur on indigenous rights says the intervention into remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory is clearly discriminatory, and that there is "entrenched" racism in Australia.

James Anaya didn't pull any punches after his two-week visit of the country.

He says the Rudd Government should reinstate the Racial Discrimination Act in the NT "right away" because the intervention is discriminatory.

"It undermines the right of indigenous peoples to control their own destinies, their right to self-determination," he said.

He also slammed Labor's policy of demanding 40-year leases over indigenous land before building new houses and said the stolen generations should be paid compensation.
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So the UN has advised that the Rudd Government shouldn't racially discriminate.

Does that mean extra handouts should stop? Does that mean that extra medical assistance should stop?

The special treatment of aboriginals, for example, separate legal aid, etc, special petrol which can't be sniffed?

After all, this is all racism.

Some aboriginal people need more help than others; some white people need more help than others, but there is a limit to the help you can give when the helped don't help themselves.

The people who are making a living out of the aboriginal industry should be ashamed. They are ripping off their own people and feathering their own nests. And they are blaming the white man for the aboriginal situation (where it is bad).

The UN rep talks of self-determination. All self-determination in remote communities (and some not so remote), has done is enable the continuation of anti-social, dangerous, predatory, self destructive activities in these communities. Left to their own devices only the strong would survive and those not for long as they fall to savagery.

So, Mr UN rep, what's your suggestion? Have you read the history of the aboriginal situation? White man's guilt has enabled a lot of what has turned these communities savage, guilt which has been assuaged by throwing more and more money at the problem, with little reaching and benefitting those who most need it.

Don't even get me started on the ridiculous statement about the "stolen generation".

The stolen generation and AGW. Peas in a pod. Say it often enough, stifle dissent by calling those who disagree or doubt racists/deniers, and there you have the pattern.

Why won't these people open their eyes and see the truth?


Mehaul said...

The saddest thing about this idiot's comments is that the MSM is hanging off them, therefore giving them credibility.

It's not the ruling classes' fault that our noble warriors can't make lives out of decades of squandered squillions. But it is to Macklin's shame that she continues to push hard earned dollars at a social class that will continue the degradation of future generations.

City folk live in total ignorance of how Liberal and Labor governments and the Aboriginal population have failed each other.

kae said...

Well put, Mehaul.

Shovelling money at a problem will not solve it.

WV: fixeses
The UN won't be giving us any soon.

Carpe Jugulum said...

I gave up on the UN as oxygen theives years ago.

I won't bother commenting on Mr Anaya's comments, the language i would come out with would melt the keyboard.

Suffice to say that after only 2 weeks he is an expert on a problem that hasn't been able to be resolved for many years.

UN=Trough dwelling O2 theives.

kae said...

I agree, Carpe.

What will their alternatives be? Let the people determine what they want to do by themselves, and what if that leads to their extinction?

Does the UN care? They make a lot of noise and suck up a lot of ca$h, but what do they do?

Carpe Jugulum said...

Basically Kae, no i honestly believe the UN doesn't care, they may care about their position and prestige or the influence they can weild. But as far as the poor dumb b@stard on the ground they purport to represent, then no, they are worse than fools because a fool knows their limitations.

Have a look at UN mandated firing orders for peacekeepers and then apply the term gobsmacked, WTF, crackheads or sh#t on a shingle to describe the shallow depth of their thinking.

What does the UN do???, i honestly have no idea, they should have gone the way the old league of nations did years ago.

Anonymous said...
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kae said...

Troll burnt.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Evening Kae,

"Troll burnt."

Not to worry it's saved in my gmail for a special occasion, for slapdown purposes only of course.