Thursday, September 24, 2009


Tonight's panellists
Alexander Downer - former Minister for Foreign Affairs
Kate Ellis - Minister for Early Childhood Education, Childcare, Youth and Sport
Natasha Stott Despoja - former Democrats leader
Peter Sutton - anthropologist
Megan Lloyd - editor of the Sunday Mail

For or agin early elections?

Spot Destroyer - 4 year terms, no early elections. Policy in the public interest as opposed to saving their political skins? LOLZ, ALP are skin savers Australia wide!

Megan Lloyd - noone knows what an ETS is, the government should involve us and enlighten us.
Alex Downer - Rudd should show respect to those who may not agree with him and negotiate.

Peter Sutton - oh, he's a "we must do something" job. And then there's population....

Kate Ellis - real and meaningful action on this serious problem... we must push this through the parliament.

Bugger me, it's a Bob Beige clone asking Alex about an ETS and agreement... why won't they agree, it's too important... parliament needs to work together on it.

Good on you Alex... no cheap political points scoring in parliament.

Question: is Rudd using the ETS as a platform to make himself famous with Howard, Keating & Hawke and known as a great reformer... Kate Ellis says no, it's too serious, we must take action to reduce our emissions.

She should cease and desist her emissions by putting a sock in her pie hole. Dillbrain.

Spot Destroyer is an idiot too, believing in the ETS, etc. Baaaaaad targets, "piss weak" she said. Some people, even in her old party, were talking about some kind of ETS & CPRS in the 80s.

God help us! They're all morons.

Megan... climate change... ETS... sensible decisions, not by politicians.

Yawn. First black president in the US... that's fucking amazing, I hadn't noticed.

I hadn't noticed that he seems to have got in on that singular qualification.


Ralph Nader's criticism of Obama, from the - EEEEEK - left. Is this racist? Harking back on the accusation by a Congressman that Obama was lying. Alex disagrees with many of Obama's policies... but he wouldn't agree with all of the criticsim by Nader.

Ellis, racism is bad. Gotta stop it. waffle waffle waffle...

Obama is going to be one of the best Presidents that the US has had.... Arrgh. He doesn't swear!

)))By the way, manky toes might be fixed, more later.(((

Tone: "Can Obama be pres for the world rather than for the US...?" God help us again, he and Kevvie'll be arm wrestling for the top job... once Kev takes over the UN, then... THE WORLD.

Good question about the Government being an employment agency.

This is a shocker. (Gee, that's unusual for QandA, huh?)

Kate Ellis. Meh.

Fixing the aboriginal problem. How can we do it...
I can answer that. Shut down the industry. More people like Noel Pearson to show the people that they control their own destiny. Pissing and moaning about how hard done by they are won't cut it, or pull them out of the shitful situation they are in. There are plenty of aboriginal people who do well and manage to get along in the white world. The industry of victimhood and blame needs to be shut down. It's done nothing for 40 years.

I think that they should have performed a welcome to country and smoking ceremony before the show. To show who owns everything.

Downer's right. Unless they move into the now, they're doomed to fail.

Spot Destroyer. Did the government ever really want to assist aborigines... any government? Non indigenous decision makers. Yeah, ATSIC was such a success. The shonky dealings in local organisations given the responsibility to look after public money earmarked to help their people... don't start me!

Megan... arrgh!

Peter Sutton... people should do their own research, learn about the problem, think for themselves. What does he mean? Is he black armband? I haven't read anything of his before. (Peter Sutton, Unleashed 12/2007.)

Owch. Explain to me question. We must save the children from physical abuse.

Sutton is explaining how the loyalty to clan and so on works, that's interesting (I know about this already). Link to lateline interview with Leigh Sales 6/2007.

Kate Ellis knows nothing about what's going on.

Football thugs. Punishment. Bad examples.

Sutton is correct. It starts with the parents.


Carpe Jugulum said...

Evening troops, must be Adelaide night, they're all from that fair city

kae said...

Glad you're ready for battle, Carpie.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Ooooh early elections, fixed terms - good one Natasha that's worked well in NSW. respect for both houses of parliament, aaaaahahahahaha

Kate Ellis - uber dumb, a giggling moron of the first water. "we should take climate change seriously" right, we should take space aliens seriously too FFS.

Carpe Jugulum said...

Tony is starting to show his bias, i stand by my assessment of Kate Ellis, i've seen smarter tree stumps. The Paris Hilton of politics (sans smut film)

Yes Natasha we're all gonna die, save the planet blah blah.

Carpe Jugulum said...

"She should cease and desist her emissions by putting a sock in her pie hole. Dillbrain"


Carpe Jugulum said...

Kate Ellis - Can someone please shut this unmitigated fool up, far right media????, in the USA??????, yes Kate we're all racists, buttpipe.

Natasha has a brief moment of sanity.....well that was brief...

Carpe Jugulum said...

You swore, i'm gunna tell

kae said...


Tell who?

Carpe Jugulum said...

Diplomatic appointments....

Tony tries baiting - epic fail

Megan - I'm warming to her, salient commentary.

"I think it's just cheap" quote of the night from Downer.

Kate Ellis - giving bimbos a bad name

Carpe Jugulum said...

Tell who?

uuummmmmm.........MMMUUUUUUMMMM she's picking on me. Nyah Nyah

Carpe Jugulum said...

The aboriginal question, try saying things like personal responsibility, stop welfare largesse.

Can someone just gag Kate Ellis and lock her in a cupboard, the apology was important?????? for what?????

God what a bobble headed puppett

Carpe Jugulum said...

OMFG - Bleeding anus etc that is the question from hell.

Peter - A sane response, then again he's seen it 1st hand.

Kate - OFFS "the government is doing things differently" yes a
6yo would find solace in that you freak.

Carpe Jugulum said...

"I think that they should have performed a welcome to country and smoking ceremony before the show. To show who owns everything."

I would like to thank the traditional owners of my land - the Westpac Bank

kae said...

My land is mine... Westpac only owns about.... ahh, less than 1/6 of the house.

Carpe Jugulum said...

The footbrawl - that is just f#cked up.

Note to panel - It's western Sydney, i've done projects there, it's a sh1thole that makes Melbourne bogans look like pillars of the community. Westies, hopfully they'll never reproduce.

Carpe Jugulum said...

"1/6 of the house." Ha, 10 years mortgage free on the family home.

I should have the weekender paid off by 2150.

kae said...

Ahh, you'll be one of those working until you're 200, huh?

Carpe Jugulum said...

So, who would i invite for dinner;

Downer - yes
Sutton - yes
LLoyd - yes
Natasha - get the hell away from my house
Kate - Too stupid to feed herself, she'd leave stains on the carpet, i'd release the hounds on her.

kae said...

I concur, professor Carpe.

Carpe Jugulum said...

I plan on living to 250, so i can retire (finally) and enjoy it all.

My mum says you can't swear or, or, or .............dunno

kae said...

Today at work we were talking about f bombs, and other swear words. One of the other girls confessed that her mum used soap, and the secret is to scrape it across the teeth.

I twigged why I HATE kaffir lime leaves.

They taste like lifebuoy soap.

That stuff stunk, and tasted the same. Yuck.

Carpe Jugulum said...

mmmmm....never eaten soap, gimme a sec........yep tastes like soap.....oooh look, bubbles when i talk......this will be funky at work

kae said...

Dang, my connection went down and I lost the last bit of the post.
Blast. Damn.

kae said...


Munch on some Lifebuoy, Bubbles.