Thursday, September 10, 2009

ABC Tonight

A UK program about dog inbreeding causing problems... the result of breeding to fit "a breed".

I'll watch it and see what they say.

Next week Catalyst will be a program about the dog interbreeding/breeding to a pedigree situation in Australia.

Some have criticised the UK program for being a PETA platform, but I will watch it.


White german shepherds? Gorgeous! Seeing those poor dogs in the show ring, the shepherds with the gammy back legs, I was reminded of the problems that Bundy has with his back legs. There is a degenerative disease of the spine which causes something like this, the muscles waste away and eventually the dog becomes incontinent. Other breeds suffer from the disease but it's more common in shepherds. I wonder if it's worse in those shepherds which are inbred, if it's genetic?

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Egg said...

That's the Brits for ya - inbred dogs in the house & kids in boarding (kennels) school ...