Monday, September 14, 2009

Charged with manslaughter. Is he a doctor?

Were any of them doctors, to make the decision as to her condition?

Listening to the way this one talked about women I'd suggest that something more needs to be done about all of them.

More. And more.


Carpe Jugulum said...

Ah, the Brimble case;

Evil, odious little men, i wish them ill.

Maybe Bubba can teach them about the rabbits, or the soap on a rope.

Skeeter said...

Why would anyone pay money to live in a cell-like cabin on a cruise ship with such odious people?

And, short of hurling yourself over the rail, there is no escape until the ship returns to port.

kae said...

Skeets, a lot of stories about this case have surfaced.
And I agree with your summary of them all, Carpe.
I probably shouldn't say any more because of the delicate stage of the legal proceedings.

RebeccaH said...

"If it was, I was groggy and I was just, like, I don't know if you've ever woken up from a sleeping pill, but � it's pretty groggy and lethargic and you just can't be bothered. All you want to do is go back to sleep."

Oh really? Having forty-three plus years' experience with Mr. H and boyfriends before him, I have to ask: how on earth did you get it up, boyo?

This is a sad story of a woman who went on a cruise to have fun and got screwed (literally and metaphorically) by brutes. I hope they burn in hell.

Egg said...

Spot on surmation, Kae; hopefully, such a p*ssweak defence gets shot down in flames.
The poor woman became entangled with the bilge of society, evidently ...

Mehaul said...

Drugs, greed, stupidity...out at sea in a confined environment. I hope justice prevails and these idiots get long terms. Unfortunately by Australian standards long terms may mean hectoring from the judge (naughty naughty), ongoing sessions with a social worker (it's not your fault) and a few years in jail reduced by 50% for good behaviour (remaining intacto and commencing an Arts degree). The breeding grounds that produced these low lives also gave us David Hicks and the Snowtown murderers. There's more of these creeps in the pipeline, which is what several generations of living off the dole contributes to national affairs. Just add drugs.