Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hello Doctor

A visit to my GP today and find out I'm going mouldy*, I have to buy some paint for my toenails - strewth! I thought it was fluff from my new sox, or a stain from my new shoes, but it won't wash or wipe off. The treatment is $76 a throw from the discount chemist! Arrgh! This getting old truly is a crock of crap.

But my blood pressure! Woohooooooo! 128/70 something. FANTASTIC for me. Must be the place I'm working, it's not usually under 140/90!

I've been having some trouble with asthma lately and he suggests I speak with my cardiologist about medication for the asthma.

It so happens that I am visiting the cardiologist tomorrow so I shall see what happens. I just have to make it up the hill from the carpark at PA to the hospital itself!

*Doctor thought it rather amusing when I called myself a "mouldy oldie".

Cure toenail fungus with Vicks Vapo-rub. The expensive cure from the chemist only needs to be applied twice a week. Reading more now....

Update II:
Grr. My debit card ran out last month. I received a new one and promptly put it in a safe place. Not in my wallet until the changeover as I usually do. It was in such a safe place, I just spent a couple of hours looking for it, and of course it was in the last place I looked. Had I not found it I would have to visit either my credit union (difficult, not many branches, that's how they keep costs down), or my mortgage holder (a bank, another pesky detour), to get some cash out - I only have five dollars!

Ah well, I'd better finish my cuppa, get dressed and choof off. I think I'll give the vicks a go, stinking and full of nassssty memories as it is, I suppose I'm not smearing it on my chest (or up my nose).


Boy on a bike said...

You got off cheap. Last time I went moudly, it took $300 worth of stuff to clear it up. Worst case of crotch-rot ever.

kae said...

Thank God mine's only on me toes, me two littlest toes.

It's revolting, they're black! Like mildew. Yerk!

I may have to use the stuff and file nails and so on for 6-9 months! Arrgh!

kc said...

There's an over-the-counter remedy I've read about at one doctor's advice column...was it Vick's Vapo-Rub? Will get back to you. Personally, I like the smell ok, and the price may should be less...

Glad you're generally alright!

kae said...

Vicks Vaporub?


When I was a kid if I had a cold, cough or sniffle I would get plastered on the chest, back and neck with that goop. Then they'd wipe it upside the nostrils.

Sure, it cleared up the congestion, but I can't stand the stuff now!

Anonymous said...

Vicks Vaporub?


hard to please are we?

kae said...

I'm pretty sure I explained why I don't like the stuff.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so suffering is better than a cure?

You are strange even by my reckoning.
And I am STRANGE!!

satiat? wt hell does that mean?

kae said...

I've never heard of vicks being used for fungus. I tried oil of cloves which works on mould in the shower (6 drops in 1 litre of water), but it didn't work. I'm sure kc will send me the details if she can find a link.

I don't think you've enjoyed being slathered in vicks, it's revolting and it stinks.

And Anonymous isn't a name.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous isn't a name!

Shit now you tell me.
Why do so many people called "Anonymous" on the net then?

besides KC was probably talking about your asthma, not your pinkies, lovely as they may be?
(when not fungal that is)

kae said...

Ok, Smith (it's common too, huh?) Anonymous really isn't a name, I'd like you to have a name.
Thanks for the compliment about the pinkies. I used to have great feet, but with icky toenails at the mo and just getting old... I'm not fussed on the feet now. I wish I lived near the ocean so I could paddle in salt water, that's good for your feet...

kc was talking about toenail fungus... The dilemma is do I buy the expensive cure from the discount chemist while in the big smoke tomorrow.... or do I try the el cheapo vicks which will take more effort... I've updated the post with the info and I'm reading more on the web...

Anonymous said...

sorry kae,
disregard the last line, your pinkies are lovely I'm sure!

kae said...

needa name!

If you're going to, er, chat I need a name.

Anonymous said...

paddle in salt water

Now that I do!
every morning, rain or shine winter or summer.

I go to the beach and take the boots off, and walk in the water, sometimes it's so cold I wish I could walk on it but alas, so far no luck.
But it cured my persistent problem, have not had it for at least 15 years, and I put it down to sea water.

kae said...

I sometimes get cracked, dry heels. Usually in summer so it's a pain to apply a tonne of moisturiser and then wear sox to bed (too hot!). Paddling in seawater and walking through sand works to get rid of all the dry skin...

Pedro the Ignorant said...

Old Army trick, Kae,
Bucket of water with half a cup of Condy's Crystals, dunk the feet for a half a minute or so before getting in the shower. You can keep the bucket mix for a week or so so. (Don't let Floyd the Devil Dog drink it!)
Use a separate towel for drying the feet and the rest of the bod, wash the foot towel in a Dettol mix or if you are not fussed about colours, a cup of bleach.

The edges of your toenails may go purple/brown tinge for a while until the fungus clears up, but nothing this side of Alpha Centauri can live on your toes after this treatment. Socks and sandals (!) are allowed during treatment, and if a stranger comments, use the "Oooh aah be gum" Pommie accent to explain your somewhat eccentric footwear.

kae said...

Hi Pedro
You're up late/early!
Can you still even get Condy's crystals??

Carpe Jugulum said...

Morning Kae

If you want condies crystals go to the chemist & ask for potassium permanganate, and yes it does work we used to use this as a Rx in the navy too.

Pedro the Ignorant said...

Ssssh Kae.
Night shift, reading blogs instead of working (I know how to erase the 'puta logs) :-)

kae said...

Your secret is safe with me, PtI!