Friday, September 25, 2009

More doom

This latest dust storm over eastern Australia has prompted anti-nuclear anything campaigners to point out to us all the threat of nuclear dust from uranium mine tailings.

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Carpe Jugulum said...

Is there anything these scoundrels won't lie to achieve, sadly there are sheeple out there that buy this crock, asspipes

Egg said...

BIG GREEN is into u-rage-'em mining, non?

Skeeter said...

Eastern Australian is rapidly becoming uninhabitable.
Sadly, it's not the environment that is causing this deterioration: It is caused by the environmentalists' manic reactions to perfectly natural events.

From the Wiki article on background radiation:

Natural background radiation comes from two primary sources: cosmic radiation and terrestrial sources. The worldwide average background dose for a human being is about 2.4 millisievert (mSv) per year.[1] This exposure is mostly from cosmic radiation and natural radionuclide in the environment. This is far greater than human-caused background radiation exposure, which in the year 2000 amounted to an average of about 5 ╬╝Sv per year from historical nuclear weapons testing, nuclear power accidents and nuclear industry operation combined,[2] and is greater than the average exposure from medical tests, which ranges from 0.04 to 1 mSv per year. Older coal-fired power plants without effective fly ash capture are one of the largest sources of human-caused background radiation exposure.