Saturday, September 26, 2009

More wind, more dust...

Friday night about 6:30 the setting sun made the sky mauve, blue and up into orange. I tried to take a few photographs, but I had to move to a higher vantage point. I also had trouble fluffing around with the camera settings - I haven't read the instructions (too much to remember), and so it is mostly done by trial, error and curse. I set it to night photos, but couldn't find how to turn off the flash.
The effect only lasted about 5 minutes at most. If you can move your flat screen around you can see the effect. One day when I have time I will fiddle with the photos and see if I can get them to look a bit brighter.
First shot was with flash and set on automatic...

The second was using the night setting, and the flash (couldnt' turn it off!), the lights of the car were on high beam and lit the power pole.

Finally, flash off and night photography set - but by this time the sunset effect had waned.

And to top it off, I was at the top of a cul-del-sac and some young hoon came up and wanted me to move - don't know what he was trying to do, he didn't live in any of the houses, he just went back down the road.
I will have to practice with the camera so I can quickly fix the settings. And so that I can see what the different settings will do.

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